Black Ops On PC Suffering From Mysterious "Lag"

I'm playing Black Ops on PC, and have been having some problems. Random performance issues, even stuttering during cutscenes. Turns out I'm far from the only one.

Many PC players are reporting issues with the game related to poor performance that has nothing to do with their own hardware. For example, Black Ops will slow to a crawl in relatively quiet areas of the game, while in hectic stages full of explosions it may carry on just fine.

This issue is affecting users in multiplayer as well, creating the effect of "lag" when in reality the best theories out there point to it actually being a memory leak.

The pic above shows an example, the game taking up a dangerous (and ridiculous) 85% of a user's CPU power.

There's no confirmation yet from developers Treyarch on the cause or a possible fix for the issue.

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    ...85% doesn't seem like much, as I sit here on my painfully-hot laptop, with the CPU flicking between 99-100%, trying to convert a recording of the Brazilian GP into a more manageable size/format. Man up! :P

    That being said, does anyone (besides perhaps Valve, MMO devs) actually develop on PC now and 'port' to consoles?

      ...Encoding videos can be such a pain (and strain) on one's time and laptop.

      On a more related note, I am glad that I'm not the only one suffering from this issue, but it irks me that something like this could happen.
      While all games require a working PC to develop games, it's pretty rare nowadays to see devs building specifically for the PC first, then porting to consoles. All for the sake of $$$. Frankly, it's a worrying trend.

        Eh? Why would a dev spend all their time working on a PC version when they're targeting consoles?

        You develop a game to run as best it can on it's target hardware. You might run in on PC along side it, but you only worry about performance for your target spec hardware.

        Obviously, the PC version has not had the time, QA & polish it needs. Doesn't surprise me really, I imagine the majority of COD sales are going to be on PS3/Xbox.

        My guess is they focused on the main 2, and left the PC version out in the rain, until they have the time to come back and fix it.

        PC version will get patched. Eventually.

      some games do, but very, very few.

      also a guy I know plays black ops with it taking over 90% of his CPU power, your CPU might need to use more power because its old or inferior to its desktop counterpart

      ie a laptop ATI RADEON 5850 works like a desktop 5770

        GPU =/= CPU

        and a game shouldn't ever take up 85% of any modern CPU, Crysis maxed out on my i7 930 on my desktop never gets anywhere near that much on a single core, let alone the entire CPU, so it's almost certainly the fault of crappy code and optimisation.

    I'm picking up my copy tomorrow but lurking on the Steam forums and reading about A LOT of people having the same issues is not much incentive. I believe that there has actually been a response from the developers but all that was said was that they were aware of the issue.

    If that video represents the extent of your lag then count yourself lucky. I am experiencing full time lag, every millisecond, not every 20 seconds. The game is running at a not so smooth 10 FPS and killing anyone is close to impossible.
    My computer goes far beyond the required specs, indicating it is not a hardware issue but one within the game software.
    If there is anything I can do on my system then please advise.

      Im having the same kind of issue but a constant 15 FPS, I own MW2 and the multiplayer on my comp is smooth as silk even on top graphics, I looked at the CPU requirements AFTER I bought it and said minimium e6600, I have e5200, but the rest of my requirements are top notch, black ops uses the MW2 engine, should I expect it mw2 to run just as well as black ops?

    Just pirate it to see if it runs, if it doesn't don't give them the money till its fixed. That is why the scene exists, some of us do use it properly.

    PS. skidrow will prob beat devs to fixing the issues anyhow, based on recent events :P

    Bought it this morning through steam like a ning-nong.

    Downloaded and installed, have had it crash six times, played three minutes of the into on my last attempt.

    Sad to say, but I'm just going to give up until it's patched. After having updated my video and audio drivers and running in safe mode with the exact same problem, I'd rather safe myself the frustration.

    Ahhh Floyd. Love it.

    Luckily i am one of the fortunate ones not to be hit with the lag but i know MANY people on both friends and forums that suffer from this. Hope a patch comes out real soon for those guys :)

    Luke, why would you link to a thread with only four pages about the issue, when there is a thread *63* pages long about it? Are you trying to make it look less severe than it actually is?

    I've experienced the same thing as well and my hardware definitely meets the minimum required specifications. The framerate is also low. I've attempted scaling back resolution and graphics quality settings and it does not help. That would lead me to believe that it's an issue not related to hardware. Issues are frequent FPS drops and recurrent frozen/lag time.

    Yup, experiencing the same thing. I think it's a steam thing.

    Yeah there are definitely issues at the moment, Activision have confirmed they are looking into it.

    Most think it is a memory leak, because people with quad cores(like I have) report improvements when they shut off a core (I am yet to verify as I have been at work all day).

      Confirmed (for me at least), I turned my hyperthreaded quad-core from 8 to 3 cores, and gameplay has been perfect since. Thanks for the hint.

    I was playing CODBLOPS (nice one Serrels) online on PS3 last night - it wasn't exactly the perfect picture of lag-free gaming either.

    Got a few games in, leveled to 5, but dropped out of several games after that, to the point where I couldn't rejoin.

      Your on a console it always lags

    Black Ops is certainly hogging up some serious CPU usage. I hope Treyarch haven't gone on holiday yet because this needs to get fixed.

    I got a top end PC with no issues running any other games.

    i7, Nvdia 480, 8gb, SSD.

    This game is lagging hardcore. Sometimes complete screen freezes for a coupla secs.

    Didnt they beta test this?

    It's all a ploy to kill off PC gaming. Release good version on consoles and dodgy version for PC.

    Josh Olin's Twitter:

    "Hello World. We're here, working. We will patch all platforms, as always. I'll have info of substance once we catch our breath. #ItsBeen1Day"

    To be accurate, it's been two days since the Australian launch. =P

    And that Steam Forum thread I mentioned earlier? It's got >1,000 posts and almost 300,000 views now.

    Does the same happen if you turn down the graphics settings in order to at least alleviate a bit of CPU strain?

    What about the exact same issues on ps3? or are we non important enough to warrant a story?

    I just was playing this, I tested out gimping out the graphics so I went from the auto-deciding settings on textures and such and changed everything to minimum, then I noticed the exact same amount of lag when playing online.

    It's definitely not my personal CPU or graphics card, because I run stuff like Left 4 Dead (not top graphics but when on custom servers we quadruple the zombie horde sizes) And then I don't even get slightly hiccuped, dropping down to a minimum of maybe 35 fps.

    Definitely something that Treyarch did.

    there is definitely a bug with the game. I have a i7 with SLI 460s and can handle almost any game at max. This issue is annoying and def must be fixed!

    Sad to see this problem is still not fixed. Treyarch really need to lift their game.

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