Black Rock Shooter Ready To Shoot Up The PSP

Black Rock Shooter Ready To Shoot Up The PSP

Lock and load, because popular original video anime Black Rock Shooter is getting a PSP title.

Today in Tokyo, developer Imageepoch revealed the game’s debut trailer, which follows the adventures of the Black Rock Shooter, a girl with a glowing eye and a gun that can fire 20 shoots per second.

Osaka-based studio Ordet handled Black Rock Shooter anime, which was released earlier this year.

The PSP version will hit stores in Japan next spring, providing more dress-up fodder for Japanese cosplayers.

「ブラック★ロックシューター」ゲームが2タイトル!『B★RS THE GAME』&『ぷちっと★RS』(動画+ギャラリー) [Kotaku Japan][Pic]


  • Looks like this is based on the original music video rather than the pretty bad OVA from a few months back, so that’s good.
    Sadly I doubt it’ll get a western release.

    • I watched the OVA without expectations and enjoyed it, it was free anyway. There’s a sequel on the way too, so hopefully that’ll be better.

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