Blizzard Offering A Week Of Free Time To Warcraft Apostates

Backsliders in the church of Warcraft are being coaxed back to the flock with an offer of seven free days of gameplay, to whet their appetite for the Cataclysm expansion due in December.

Notices are going out to lapsed subscribers now; they promise a week of game time, but the offer expires Dec. 1. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the MMO's third expansion, releases Dec. 7.

If you've let your account go on hiatus, check your inbox, trash folder or spam filter. It's a free seven days of MMO time. Provided you can say no thanks after it's all over.


    I'll probably be getting one of those emails soon... Not sure whether I'm going to bite into Cataclysm yet...

    Checking your inbox is a BAD idea, because it won't be long til the fake account-stealing emails mimic the real ones.

    Go to, login, and see if it's showing up on your account. Don't. Trust. Emails.

      The world needs more of you. Keep up the public awareness :)

    yeah it'll be in my spam filter with the other 50 emails from randoms trying to get my account details

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