Borderlands Extends Its Boundaries To The Mac

Gaming on the Mac improves later this year when Gearbox Software's shoot 'n' loot hit Borderlands comes to Apple computers courtesy of publisher Feral Interactive, shipping complete with everything a Vault hunter would need.

This is the "Game of the Year Edition" of Borderlands, which includes add-ons The Zombie Island of Dr Ned, Mad Moxxiʼs Underdome Riot, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, and Claptrapʼs New Robot Revolution. All that Borderlands will be available to Mac OS X gamers on December 3, thanks to Feral, which will charge you $US49.95 or £34.95 in the UK and €39.95 in the rest of Europe. Borderlands for Mac is available for preorder from the publisher right now.

Welcome to the club, Mac people.

Borderlands [Feral Interactive]


    SteamPlay is the only reason I would buy a game for Mac.. if it's a Mac-only licence then it's not really worth the money. Also being charged full price this long after the original release hurts.

    I have to agree with mambodog - I would buy this in a second - even at full price - if I had the steam promise that it would migrate with me as I move back and forward between platforms. As it is, no sale at this price, I'm afraid.

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