Bring Your Hot Wheels Obsession Online

Collect, share and race your own custom Hot Wheels creations in Hot Wheels Racing Circuit, an online multiplayer racing game now available from Mattel.

Today's hot toy brands are big on online gaming. LEGO and The Littlest Pet Shop both have massively multiplayer online titles backing up their standalone video games, and now Hot Wheels comes online in Hot Wheels Racing Circuit.

Available now for the Mac and PC, Hot Wheels Racing Circuit is a downloadable online multiplayer game where players race across crazy tracks in their customised cars for points and prestige. The racing is weapon-based, with missiles, fireballs, and electromagnetic energy wreaking havoc with players' cars as they strive to make it over the finish line in first place.

Vehicle customisation plays a big part, with accessories available that give players' cars a unique look while enhancing their power. Racers can even submit their cars to the Custom Showroom, where other players will vote for the most impressive builds.

"With the launch of Hot Wheels Racing Circuit, we continue to create the future of play with our core brands by delivering engaging online content," said Chuck Scothon, general manager and senior vice president of Mattel Digital Network. "We wanted to provide a multiplayer video game that would engage and thrill boys of all ages, while also staying true to Hot Wheels' iconic racing legacy."

The first two tracks are free to all Hot Wheels Racing Circuit players, with additional tracks, vehicles and parts available to players that pony up a $US29.95 annual subscription.

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