But Helen Mirren Is Too Sexy For Nintendo...

Helen Mirren is still sexy. That is a stone cold fact. She'll be sexy until the day she dies.

Which is why we were so surprised that she's the latest spokesperson for Nintendo, and Wii Fit Plus specifically.

"I would never have imagined myself exercising through a video console, and now I feel very modern indeed.” Says Helen. “It’s both fun and incredibly easy to set-up.”

Thanks for that Helen, and thanks for helping us through adolescence.

God save the Queen.


    Great, now I'll get an erection every time I use Wii Fit.

      That's ok.. i get an errection every time i eat a Snikers bar because of Betty White..

        Uhm... High Five?!

          only if it's explosive..


            the only type of high fives

              Once upon a time, I enjoyed reading the comments on this site...

    Helen Mirren is something of a gilf, but I shudder to think what she must look nude. Some things are just better left to the imagination. Like George Clooney's body.

      Well she still looks hot in a bikini

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