Call Of Duty: Black Ops Luckiest Kill Is Axe To Ankles

We've seen off the wall knife kills before in Call of Duty multiplayer - remember this lucky Modern Warfare 2 stab? - but across the map, off the wall, off the floor and into the Achilles heel of an online opponent?

The unlucky recipient of this Call of Duty: Black Ops tomahawk is likely calling bullshit on this seemingly random shot, but we're ready to call this the luckiest Black Ops kill to date.


    haha what are the odds!!

    Hahaha! that was the most Sickest/Ridiculous/Awesome-est kill ever!

    Tops the knife throw that bitch slaps the dude in MW2 'lucky kill' video.

    I hate kills like this- lucky kills like this happen far too often on CoD and it gives me the shits.

    If someone kills me in CoD with a stupidly lucky or skillful kill, I'm not pissed off, I'm massively impressed!

    Erm your other vid was removed - bizarre excuse by YouTube too.

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