Call Of Duty Creators Infinity Ward Have Been 'Reconstructed'

The studio that started the Call of Duty phenomenon fell to pieces earlier this year with the firing of its co-founders and the following mass exodus of pissed off Infinity Ward employees. With enough money, you can recover from that.

And when you're Activision Blizzard, you can put Infinity Ward back together again. You can get over it. And Activision claims it has. "We have reconstructed Infinity Ward," said chairman and CEO Jean-Bernard Lévy of Vivendi, the majority owner of the mega-publisher. "We have been very happy with the way we have been able to reconstruct it."

Activision did promise "Ultimately, Infinity Ward will rise from the ashes."

Vivendi sees continued success for COD franchise [FT]


    Yes,i never believed for a second that Activision would let IW die like that. However, instead of a phoenix rising from the ashes, i think it might just be a little diseased rat.

    The real talent left IW for Respawn. Anyone who thinks IW is going to be the same after 50 people left is kidding themselves. This is simply Activision being sneaky and trying to get people to buy MW3 next year because it is being made by the "almighty" IW.

      Yeah, I think a cockroach crawling from the rubble after a nuclear blast is a better analogy than a phoenix rising from the ashes.

      But to be honest I think anybody who actually cares enough about games to pay attention to who the developer is wouldn't fall for it. And the casuals who don't know or care who develops their games will still just buy it anyway on the basis that it says Call of Duty on the box.

      Absolutely. A game studio isn't just a name with a bunch of random people behind it, it's a TEAM of VERY SPECIFIC people. Further proof that Activision is either completely out of their skulls, or deliberately being totally disingenous to delude the player base.



      We can rebuild him... we have the technology.

        Well played haha, that made me laugh

    There's literally no IW anymore. Activision is just holding onto their right over those 2 words at this stage and hoping that it'll be enough to make people flock to their newest game (now made by 10% of the people who made the previous Modern Warfares!)

    This is PR bullshit at its finest.

    obviously, because they have the same name as infinity ward, they are going to be exactly as great...

    Oh so they finally got around to selecting the 50 yes men that would bend over for them whenever they damn well ask

    Sure... the next MW3 would be "press left mouse click to win" and 90 mins cutscenes start playing then the end. Gazillion copies sold on the first day.

    The real question is who cares? MW2 was luckluster at best and over-hyped game by an over-hyped studio.

    Infinity Ward lost its credibility after Modern Warfare 2 anyway.



    As much as I'd like to think people are smart and wont fall for it, the majority will. They'll just see the Infinity Ward name and think its business than usual. I mean really, your average consumer probably doesn't even care if its Infinity Ward or not, they just see the "Modern Warfare" or "Call of Duty" name on a game and buy it based on that.

    People kept buying Guitar Hero for years and years after Harmonix stopped making it just because of the brand name, and then when they brought out Rock Band it was perceived as some kind of upstart pretender to the throne. This will go the same way I'm afraid :(

    So now the same people who made an apparently-disappointing game, are unreplaceable?

    Dont get me wrong, Im a MW2 boy, but Christ if you copy and paste a game, it ends up rather similar. All ActiBliz want is something similar enough to Em Dubya Two for everyone to spend a collective $700Million on next November. Hopefully this will look great, not have a God-awful campaign story, and fingercrossed take on some of the inventive ideas from Black Ops MP.
    Job done. Everyone bitches about one thing or another, but Bobby K gets his bonus.

    The picture uptop says it all. The truck represents IW and the man infront is activision standing guard to defend it as the co-founders ditch and run to find another truck.

    lol Activision.
    Money does not make good games.

    So this is just like how Sierra was great without Ken and Roberta Williams. Right guys?


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