Call Of Duty Looks More Fun When Computer Does All The Shooting

Your AI buddies in Black Ops may not be able to shoot the hinges, but they can shoot hundreds of heavily armed soldiers, and do it so well you don't have to fire a single shot.

Those must be some hinges!

And OK, so ONE shot is fired, but we can overlook a glorifed cutscene in light of the pacifist masterstroke that is T2DMrBungle's no-kill walkthrough of the game's Bay of Pigs invasion.

I should go through this game and play it again, role play as Alex Mason, the coward who lugged the radio and cooking utensils around while the other guys did all the fighting.

[via Fidgit]


    I'm about to start my veteran runthrough. This could be a legitimate way to do it without breaking a sweat.

    plenty of hate towards console gamers

      This is a runthrough on PC...

    Prefer over-competent fighters to the near worthless chumps that accompanied you in COD4.

    Also, what is wrong with this commentator guy?
    He's got some superiority complex, jesus. I'd call myself a PC gamer and understand his criticisms, but I certainly don't share his misplaced elitism.

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