Charting The Wii's Decline In The US

2007 was the year of the Wii. So was 2008. But 2010? Not the Wii's year, especially when you look at the console's decline in the United States over the course of the year.

This chart, provided by Gamasutra and based upon US retail sales figures, shows a console in decline, its sales down by a significant margin over the past two years (and to such a degree that even a miraculous Christmas for Nintendo's console won't reverse that trend).

A price cut might help stop the rot. A "must have" game - something the Wii is lacking at the moment - wouldn't go amiss either. But then, would either of those things make Nintendo's machine seem more appealing to a "casual" consumer wowed by Kinect's advertising campaign? Or the ever-growing ranks of PlayStation 3 owners, lured by its multimedia capabilities and reduced price-tag?

In-Depth: Where Do Wii Sales Go From Here? [Gamasutra]


    Going by 2000 censis data of 2.59 people per household that works out to 25% of US households have a wii. Not a bad effort by any means.

    I think not as many people are buying Wiis simply because they already have one.

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