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Mods? Indies? Games? Lame Jokes?! They’re all here this week in another thrilling instalment of CheapSkate Gamer!

This week saw a pretty big release with Treyarch’s continuation of the SALMON franchise with SALMON: Black Crops. To counteract this, I’ve added mods and indies to the line-up thanks to our good friends at ModDB and IndieDB!

Additionally, as I posted earlier last week, I am intent on making a game, and I want YOU to help me! More details at the bottom of the article.

Let’s begin with the PC:

Digital Download
HAWX 2 Pre-order- $49.95 (29% off)

I like Hawks, so there’s a fair chance I’ll like HAWX 2 when it comes out. LOGIC -1

Splinter Cell – $4.99 (50% off)

Don’t you just hate it when cells splinter? That is, of course, unless you’re Sam Fisher! If you don’t have this game already, I suggest you get it. Now!

Splinter Cell Double Agent – $4.99 (50% off)

A newer entry to the series, but not a mere graphical update! With polished game-play mechanics and solid pacing, I suggest you commit to this purchase.

Risen – $29.95 (50% off)

From its shunned and forgotten prequel, “Lowern”, Risen provides a rich world to play around in, even if it doesn’t reinvent the wheel.

Bejewelled 3 pre-order – $17.99 (10% off)

I’m not sure how Bejewelled got a sequel, not to mention 2! If you’re a fan of the first two, I suppose it’s worth investing in the trilogy’s thrilling conclusion…

F1 2010 – $26.79 (33% off)

“F2!” “You Sunk My Battleship!”

Star Wars Republic Commando – $9.95

Oh My Buddha. This game DEFINED strategy shooters for me! Try it and you will not be disappointed!

Fallout: New Vegas Digital Collector’s Edition – $54.95

Okay, Bethesda, well done! Good job! Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are Brilliant! We’re very proud of you!

Now would you PLEASE work on TES 5!

Dungeon Defenders – $8.95

Dungeon Crawler + Tower Defence + RPG + Action + Co-op = This.

Burn Zombie Burn! – $7.49

Ridiculous gameplay and a catchy title lead me to believe that this is one of God’s gift’s to man. All I can really say is; “Burn Zombie Burn! Disco Inferno!”

Retail Boxes
Age of Empires III – $34.00

A solid game, but it just doesn’t seem to have the charm or lasting appeal that the first did… Can anyone say “BIGDADDY” and “POW”? (only AoE players will get this)

Call of Duty: World at War – $32.00

Yes, it’s big brother has been released, and yes, he broke more records than Ke$ha’s singing ever could, but I think that WaW is still a much more solid experience. After all, zombies. Amirite?

Crysis 2 pre-order – $79.00

I’m beginning to believe that Crytek are misspelling the names of their games intentionally… What’s next? Jesus Cryst? Dangerous Cryme?

Football Manager 2010 – $14.00

Because Football Manager 2009 had some bugs.

Dragon Age II Signature Edition pre-order – $46.99

Many claim they “dumbed” down thine sequel for consoles, but I sayeth NAY! Nay! The original hath proven its worth amongst the Greats, and so shall her sister! But really, for less than $50, this pre-order is one of the best I’ve encountered!

Xbox 360
Quantum of Solace – $14.00

Despite the generally mediocre reviews generated by the game, I had a lot of fun playing this! Well-made cover mechanics and appropriate gun control increased the overall likability of the game for me.

Blur – $44.00

I didn’t notice much of this game, I didn’t really see any advertisements or attention it garnered. What I know about it is a bit hazy, kind of like a Blur. Zing!

Tekken 6 – $27.89

“Tad, what’s funny about Tekken 6?”

“I don’t know, I never played it.”

“Oh, okay.”

Madden NFL 11 – $41.99

JOHN MADDEN! Apart from the fact that this series is incredibly addictive, this one is reasonably priced and very pretty.

Dragon Age II Signature Edition pre-order – $62.99

Hang on… I already mentioned this… Just whose signature are we getting anyway?!

Blur – $44.00

The name is Blur, Gaussian Blur. (I could go all day :D)

COD4: MW GOTY Edition – $54.00

An amazing single player experience is topped off with the most vile and treacherous multiplayer community seen in any game ever, now with DLC*!

*DLC doesn’t make the multiplayer community any better.

Army of Two: The 40th Day – $26.59

Fun co-op experience, but clearly the developers don’t quite understand how large an army has to be before it qualifies as an army…

Assassins Creed Brotherhood – $60.99

Rule Number one of Assassin club is “You do Not Talk About Assassin Club”, Rule number two of Assassin club is “You do Not TALK About Assassin Club!”

Gran Turismo 5 pre-order – $78.00

I was more keen for Gran Torino 5, but I guess you have to make do with what you’re given. All I know is that if there isn’t a car in the shape of Clint Eastwood, I’m going to be very angry…

Street Fighter 4 – $34.70

It occurred to me that they actually very rarely fight on streets. For this reason, I’ve filed a lawsuit against the developers for false advertising.

Donkey Kong Country Returns pre-order – $55.99

I know I’m going to be the first in line for this when it comes out!!! Donkey Kong was one of the major characters of my childhood, and now he’s back!!! I cannot possibly express my excitement at this!!!

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Movie: The Game: The Series Flogging – $34.00

This is one of the best Wii ports of a game based on a movie called Avatar that was made by James Cameron. There, I didn’t lie, now pay me what we agreed on, Mr. Cameron…

Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon – $24.00

Spyro is a dragon. He is also purple. This automatically places him in the category ‘awesome’. This game is also great fun for weekend wasting.

Dr. Who Return to Earth pre-order – $40.49

Considering he “returns” to Earth every bloody minute, you’d think that they wouldn’t bother with a game about it. But they did. And now we have this.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars – $13.99

I walk through Chinatown everyday in order to get to Uni. This game made me second-guess the kindly old lady in the Chinese bakery… I know she’s up to something…

Eyepet Solus pre-order – $33.99

I loved this series due to its absolute innocence, something you don’t find often in the modern game industry. Untarnished by pop-culture, violence or politics, it’s nice to watch a child play one of these games, a true inspiration. /emotion

Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant – $14.00

Crash Bandicoot may never have held a place in my heart as strongly as Banjo Kazooie, but this game brought back a rush of memories from early 3d platformer gamers, despite its differences. Worth a shot if you have a DS.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – $14.00

This is the only series of games based on a movie franchise that I truly love (despite hating the books). I just wish they’d come out with another Quidditch game sooner…

Band Hero + Accessories – $14.99

I love this game! The accessories make you look like an idiot, but you’ll look like an idiot who’s having a TONNE of fun!

Snakes of Avalon – $0.00 (PC)

Australia has a lot of snakes. Avalon apparently has more. The pitch-perfect humour and blatant popular media references alone make this a must-play, not to mention the spectacular atmosphere!

Cubetastic – $1.99 (iPad)

Despite using a name which only a kindergartener would find witty, this iPad game does provide the perfect level of cranium-hurty, which most puzzle games today lack.

OctoDad – $0.00 (PC)

Few games make me literally burst into tears with laughter. This managed it. Throughout. The. Whole. Damned. Game.

Wings of the Federation – Freelancer

Call of the Fireflies – Crysis

1187 – Half-Life 2

Space Hulk – Dawn of War II

Next week I aim to have an even more comprehensive list of games on sale, but I need your help! Yes you! No, not you. The guy next to you. No, other side. You, yes, You! Give me suggestions to improve this article above! Have you seen any of these games cheaper? Did I miss a game you saw on sale? Know an Australian discount games website? If so, comment below, join us on facebook or send me an email at and tell me where!

Now, to the game! As seen in this thread, we’re planning on making a Kotaku community indie game! Want to be involved? Have relevant skills? Post below/on facebook/at with suggestions or ideas and next week I’ll announce a genre, platform, time-frame and group-list!


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