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Wecome to the first ever CheapSkate Gamer weekly bargain column!

I’m as excited as you are about this (unless you aren‘t as excited as I am) and I hope I’ll be able to do all the community wants! (Provided you do not want me to strip down naked and do interpretive dance – because that’s a strictly-weekends sort of thing).

This week has seen the Post-Halloween bargains drop, and that means more savings for you!

Let’s begin with the PC.

Digital Download Bloody Good Time – $4.49 (10% off) I’ve heard a lot about Bloody Good Time – made by the same people who produced The Ship – Bloody good time apparently is a bloody good time! Pick up a copy if you’d like to try it. For less than $5, you can’t go wrong.

Trine – $5.00 (75% off) Trine is simply an amazing game, stunning visuals combined with solid physics-based puzzles make this a must buy! A bit on the short side, but still well worth the $5!

Grand Theft Auto 3 – $2.49 (75% off) & Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – $2.49 (75% off) I had never been a fan of the series until this point, where over-the-top action and comical characters placed in a cartoon world allowed me to run wild! Definitely recommended for $2.49.

Supreme Commander 2 – $5.10 (66% off) I can’t say I’ve played this, but the original was an amazing RTS experience! If you buy this, first make sure you have a beefy computer, because porky and fishy computers just won’t cut it! [/lame joke #1]

Shattered Horizon – $9.99 (50% off) I haven’t played this, but zero-gravity. Gaiz? Srsly.

Poker Night at the Inventory – $4.95 It’s not out yet, but at $5 for the pre-order and an additional TF2 hat (which can be upwards of $15 alone in the MANN co store) plus additional winnable hats. With such great characters, what could possibly go wrong?

The Whispered World – $14.95 (50% off) Wow. It’s not as cheap as the other games on this list, but by god is it AMAZING! If you were EVER a fan of ANY point and click game, get this game! It’s truly a beautiful thing – well worth the money!

World In Conflict: Complete Edition – $7.49 (50% off) I loved this game, but it is more suited to tactically-minded gamers. If you loved SupCom and COH, then this is the game for you!

First Encounter Assault Recon (F.E.A.R) – $9.99 This is the game that proved to me that horror worked in FPS games. Despite the corny title, this game blew me away upon release. Remember, if you commit to buying this, make certain that you play through to the end, it’s one of the few games which gets better as you progress through the campaign!

Zeno Clash – $3.75 I actually know nothing about this game. But it’s cheap!

Frontiers Pack – $12.49 This is awesome. Chattered Horizontals and Reddened Gold – together at last! Get it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – $59.95 (Thanks to NotoriusR) I was seriously going to leave this out of the article considering it’s a new release and over what I would consider a ‘discount’, but the Kotaku community was waiting outside my house with flaming stakes, on horses with diamond armour, so I decided against it.

Raptor: Call of the Shadows – $4.19 (Thanks to Chuloopa) An older game (Well what do you expect from GoG!) but a solid experience which holds its own surprisingly well in this day and age. Certainly recommended!

Retail Boxes Bioshock 2 – $12.99 Never played Bioshock 2, but if it’s anything like the first, it is well worth the $13.

Age of Empires: Collector’s Edition – $14.00 An oldie, but a goodie. A bit of a stretch at $14, but still worth having if you haven’t got a copy.

Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City – $34.00 I don’t know anything about this, but one of the games in this pack is called ‘The Ballad of Gay Tony’. I’m just sayin’.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – $38.00 Despite its flaws, I loved this game, and you should too.

Xbox 360 Ninja Gaiden II – $13.09 If you like ninjas, action, fun or breathing, you should probably pick up a copy of Ninja Gaiden 2. Whilst the story isn’t too crash hot, the game has such ridiculous, over-the-top action that you can’t help but love it.

Alan Wake – $34.00 Like having your mind blown? This is the game for you. Part Dead Space, part Indigo Prophecy, this game is all good!

Aliens vs Predator – $38.00 Do you enjoy game remakes that don’t need to exist? You’ve found the perfect one! Pretty much a graphical update to the earlier titles, it is still a solid game worth taking a look at.

PS3 Assassin’s Creed II – $38.00 When I first heard about “Ass A Sin – Greed 2” being released, I was so excited… then I got corrected. The game is, however, worth the price, as it improves on many of the gripes people had with the original. [/lame joke #2]

Wii Super Mario Brothers All Stars 25th Anniversary pack – $34.99 Guys, if you have a Wii and don’t buy this, you should probably contemplate therapy.

Biggest Loser Challenge – $46.00 I don’t actually expect anyone to buy this game, but I thought I’d give the series a flog through the art of pun. Here we go; If you buy this game, you certainly will win the biggest loser challenge! [/lame joke #3]

Disney’s Epic Mickey – $69.00 I know it isn’t exactly “cheap”, but for a pre-order, this seems to be pretty reasonable. From the game-play videos, I can safely assume that we will have another amazing Warren Spector game with this!

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter + Gun 2010 – $69.00 Quite cheap considering the added peripheral. Rednecks will enjoy.

PSP Daxter – $14.95 At the cheaper end of new games for the PSP, worth a look at least.

DS Beat City – $14.00 The dude has a speaker in his head. ’nuff said. Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter – $28.00 A great series of games, I definitely recommend this one!

Next week I aim to have an even more comprehensive list of games on sale, but I need your help! Yes you! No, not you. The guy next to you. No, other side. You, yes, You! Give me suggestions to improve this article below! Have you seen any of these games cheaper? Did I miss a game you saw on sale? Know an Australian discount games website? If so, comment below and tell me where!


  • Additionally, there is a prize for the most useful input. I’ll nominate someone to Mark and you’ll get my Community Kudos prize from last week!

    So help out and you may be rewarded! 😀

  • So is this only for Australian game sites? ’cause Alien vs Predator for 360 is less than $20 from in the UK…

    • Any site that is available to Australian purchases is open. I would prefer them to be Australian though, because the pound is a tricky one to deal with.

      • So how do we get “Unlocked” accounts? I’m pretty sure everyone here would like to get the same deals as you get!

        • You have to ask Valve for them through support. Tell them you’re having trouble buying from that Australian store as you keep being redirected to the American one.

          My mate did a bit more and put our IP adresses through a proxy so they would always appear to be coming from America.

          Worth a shot, at least.

          • I buy a lot off steam and the only way to buy from the us store is by adding ?cc=us on the end of the url and have a credit card that doesn’t report back the country it comes from AND you need to change your address to a US address and your ip needs to show up as a US one via VPN or proxy..

            All this is against valve’s terms and conditions so you CAN have your login disabled and I do know people that have had it happen!

            Highly recommend that you don’t do this if you value your account… It’s not really worth the sometimes awesome prices on the us store. 🙁

  • Also, thank you very much for the Raptor link. I reckon I played the shareware version of it for a few dozen hours back when I was a kid. Will be fun to play through the actual game.

  • Zavvi have Bioshock 2 on 360 and PS3 for $19 delivered – according to Westpac converter.
    I think that’s a pretty decent price for it.
    And for those who haven’t bought from Zavvi, their delivery times are pretty great. I’ve ordered from there a couple of times before, it usually takes about 7 days to arrive.

  • Sales on the Frontiers Pack/Shattered Horizon/Lead and Gold, Supreme Commander 2 and Trine have already ended.

  • Nice job TadMod! I look forward to many more to posts to come!

    I would also like to point out Ghost of Sparta can be bought from Ozgameshop for only $35, which imo, is great value for one of the better PSP games out there (reader review to be done after exams).

    Also Tad, how should we go about letting you know of deals? Email/comments in TAY/comments in this post?

    • Thanks man!

      You can send any deals you encounter to tadmod (at) hotmail (dot) com. I’d appreciate it if you do! 😀

  • I didn’t play Ninja Gaiden 2 myself, but I saw someone else play it. It was FAKE BLOOD EVERYWHERE. More blood than you have ever seen in a video game before.

    Could there be deals on gaming consoles and accessories (e.g. XBOX Live Gold membership) included when they are available? Not just games?

      • That website is my go-to place for points/subscription prepaid codes. They beat the store prices by bucketloads. You get the code relatively quickly (most I’ve had to wait is ~12 hours (i.e. overnight)), and I’ve had no problems with them at all.

        • You guys must be going to the wrong stores, like EB or something. Besides 12 months gold THEY ARE store prices. I can pick up 1500 live points from big w, game or gametraders for that price, same with psn card, or actually $2 cheaper with free postage. EBay and OZ game shop both have 12 months gold for that price.

  • Nice work Mr. Mod. Pretty comprehensive even if I am sad that Alan Wake is sold out at that price.
    It’s a shame this is a Tuesday thing though, you can’t use Zavvi’s Mega Mondays which is where I’m getting a lot of my cheap newish release games at the moment. I’m not sure if you checked but are having increasingly good game deals now too.
    One suggestion on the format though? I like your round-up by platform, but for me a round-up by location would be more useful.

    • Hey, thanks man!

      I was going to leave Zavvi out as much as possible due to them being English and using the pound rather than the dollar… But still agreed, loads of places use monday as the “deals day”.

      In regards to the sorting, I think that the platform is clearer, but I can attempt to add a little note on the side as to distribution (retail, online, digital download) if that would help?

  • Time to finally pickup Alan Wake.

    …but it’s out of stock >:

    And after half an hour, I’m willing to call this a success. Good job Tad, Boris.

    • Haha, maybe they’ll figure out that there is an unusual number of re-directs from Kotak(Au) and give us SPECIAL deals XD

      Thanks! 😀

  • day i’ll have my name up in lights on here.. on day..

    All jealousy aside, well done TadMod.. Although you can actually get AVP on 360 for much cheaper at oz game shop 🙂 $25.80

    Also they have specials on the following:

    madden 11 – 360 – $41.99
    Medal of Honour – Tier 1 – $52.99
    GTA Chinatown wars – PSP – $13.99
    Ninja Gaiden Sigman 2 – PS3 – $28.89
    Valkaria chronicals – PS3 – 22.69
    Trauma Centre Second opinion – $19.89 (GET IT NOW!)

    Also, i noticed at K-mart chadstone, Split/Second on 360 was just $26 – you might want to head down to your local and see if they have the same price going.

    Also, guys, hit up the Zavvi mega monday sale before it expires this arvo – there are tonnes of great games going cheap there 🙂

    But once again, Very well done mate – i look forward to the coming weeks 🙂

    • Hey man, it’d be truly appreciated if you could send any deals you find to tadmod (at) hotmail (dot) com. It’d be greatly appreciated!

      And, if you’d like, I can try to nudge Mark into letting us do that cheapskate competition sometime soon! XD

        • I’m all for it – if i knew what you guys had in mind. I know there was a bit of banter in the ‘talk amongst yourselves’ thread, but i would like some more info on what it’s all about.
          But i’m always up for a challenge 😛

          Mark, if you get some time you can email me and fill me in
          TadMod – you can contact me at troy.cleary(at)hotmail – also i’ll start getting some stuff through to you for this thread

        • Are we playing with real or virtual money?

          Upsides to both, really:
          – Can do it weekly
          – Kotaku isn’t spending any money!

          – Can offer prizes (for example, 1 game from each of our loot, chosen by the winner)
          – Can be a bit more in-depth due to the longer time between competitions (a month, for example), allowing us to comment on service, whether we found it cheaper later, etc…

          Up to you, Mark. XD

        • Maybe we should have a sort of ‘open’ post, where people would post up their prices first, then chewie could go in and (strike through?) the prices, putting his new one and his new source (and of course putting his name down saying he did it for bragging rights)

          Although I have no background in html formatting etc etc so my idea doesn’t take any logistics into account.

          • I sincerely hope it isn’t me missing the point lol
            I’m just contributing 😛

            As i said last week – as a combined bargain force, we are nigh unstoppable! lol

          • Nah, lol. I don’t think Andrew saw the original discussion in the “Talk Amongst Yourselves” XD

            And as you said, together, we ARE Nigh Unstoppable! Unless there’s a wall. Then we’re quite stoppable…


    • Yeah? Well I got mine for free in a box of cereal… that I got for free!! Beat that 🙂 Went to the Age of Mythology launch party and they gave us a box of Nutri Grain!


      I also remember, one week, “K-Zone” magazine offered rollercoaster Tycoon for free! Ahhh, the 90’s, what magnificent times 🙂

  • Shame that Black Ops site is a fail for Australians

    This product is available for purchase worldwide excluding Germany, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

    • Link to Play-Asia? I’ve got Zavvi, but I tend to double their prices to give a realistic estimate… and they never seem to be the cheapest…


        They charge in USD (displays the converted amount in AUD alongside it). It’s pretty hard to beat when the Aussie is strong but you need to buy multiple items to make it worth it, as shipping tends to start at ~$25 but increases very slowly when you add more items.

  • Weighing in on the things mentioned:
    – Trine: All Mac owners should be aware that it now has OSX support on Steam. When I found this out the other night it was an insta-buy.

    – Bioshock 2: Finished it just last week. Good fun and they did a really good job of streamlining the mechanics over the original. Minerva’s Den is one of the best value DLC packs out there too.

  • Nice post TadMod!

    Now all we need is a post on how you can save money on other things to spend on your bargains.

    -If you only eat cereal for every meal you can save heaps! Plus some boxes might contain age of empires!

  • Trine still says the normal $19.99USD on my Steam. How do I get the 75% off? Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • Aw man, Beat City for $14? Now I wish I hadn’t seen it for $30 around when it was released, thinking that was cheap. But at least it was a buy-one-get-one-free thing, so I grabbed two copies of it 😛

    Recommended for anyone who liked Rhythm Heaven, even though it doesn’t really hold a candle to that title. But still decent for that price.

  • Fantastic work Tad 🙂

    Big props for the Raptor : Call of the shadows tip. Thanks to both you and Chuloopa.

    Anyone else picking it up, press Backspace mid mission, press it lots 😛 (psssst, it’s a cheat)

  • Massive lols at “Ass A Sin – Greed 2”.
    Thanks for getting half of the office to stare at me as I choke on my chili con carne.

  • Fantastic stuff guys. Very useful. Will be bookmarking this one.

    My one crit would be – don’t start out game blurbs with “I haven’t played this BUT…”

    Cos it makes me want to not listen to the suggestion. Just find someone who has (and you trust), and put their comments instead.

  • Really nice work. Way to show me that PC gaming is heaps cheaper than on a console… But when you compare hardware upgrades vs consoles, I am happy where I am. No PC gaming for me…

    But again, really nice work to Tad and the team. It does look pretty cool seeing your name at the top of the page huh? Little Aussie flag and all… aaaawwwwww.

    Also, another name for this thread could be ‘Clenched Sphincter’ (aka tight arse)… would make for an interesting competition in Photoshop for the image!!!

    • They each have their benefits, I prefer PC because I use my computer for everything else anyway, so it’s less of a hassle!

      Yeah, it’s a really cool feeling! Now all I need to do is get a PAID job! XD

      Clenched Sphicter is catchy, but slighty vulgar XD

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