Chinese Knock-Off Marries Kinect And Move

As Microsoft and Sony launch their motion peripherals, Chinese companies are demoing their own motion controls. Whether it's the Tigan Youxi or the eBox, China is mixing and matching where it seems fit. Take the i-dong, for example.

According to Tech-On!, the i-dong can be used for gaming with a PC or a set-top box. It uses a USB-powered sensor unit that resembles Microsoft's Kinect device and uses a dedicated controller that looks like the PlayStation Move controller, complete with a spherical head. It is not necessary to use the controller, as the i-dong can read infrared signals, too. Instead of the dedicated controller, players use an infrared light refractor (the yellow part on the ping pong paddle below).

At the China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen, companies showed off the i-dong. In the demo, the set-up was used to switch TV channels and play games. One company is currently selling the i-dong in China for the equivalent of US$222.89. Tech-On! reports that the price includes the sensor, two controllers as well as games.

[China Hi-Tech]Chinese Firms Demo Motion Controller [Tech-On!]


    I-dong... LOL

      I think that's about all most of us will take from this article.

    "i-dong with my sister!"
    "i-dong with my uncle!"
    "i-dong with my dad!"
    "i-dong with my mum!"


    Seriously China, WTF?!
    Trying to out-do Japan for WTF-ery?

    Aside from the name..(lol @ i-dong)
    I would be worried about how fast technology has been reproduced in Shenzen.
    Sure its 'crap', will probably break about 2 days after you take it home, and looks like something you'd buy about 15 years ago.

    But if mainland china follows suit, I think any company, not just game companies should be worried about this.

    The pretendo Vee is better.......thats just my opinion.

    Heres a link

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