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Hey everyone. I'm currently super sick, guzzling a box of lemsip a day, looking forward to the weekend. But having a look back at the week that was in terms of the community, I wanted to take this chance to highlight the awesome work of a couple of chaps in the Kotaku community.

The first is Chuloopa. This guy could win Community Kudos every week, but that would be unfair. This week I think he needs to win something, first off for started an awesome debate about the relative merits of Melbourne and Sydney with a truly awesome post, but also for his 'awesome' photoshops of the Moe Serrels cuddle-pillow.

I have for you, good sir either a copy of Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox 360, or Medal of Honor on PS3 - let me know which one you're after either in the comments below or via email. You do an awesome amount of stuff for the Kotaku community and I really appreciate it!

The second is Tadmod. Thanks for volunteering to do the Bargain section (kicking off next tuesday). I can't wait to see what you come up with. And thanks for all your bargain related posts over the last week.

Thanks to the both of you!

You win the precise same prize - again let me know which you prefer in the comments or via email.


    hehe no way!! That's awesome! Thanks so much Mr. Serrels, sir!

    I must say, i'm feel quite chuffed that you're using my sexy tee shirt designs as the pic too! :P lol

    Excuse me one moment as i squeal like a school girl imprinted on a pillow!

    ...hey i just realized you put quotation marks over the awesome.. does that mean they are extra awesome or not that awesome at all.. *confused*

    Either way, in regaurds to the prize, i own Mass Effect 2 and i don't own a PS3, so either one will do lol

    I'd Imagine Tadmod would want a shiny new release game to play so might be best to give him Medal of Honour - see what he says though :)

    Thanks again! This is a totally awesome way to start my weekend! :D

      I'll see if I can sort out an alternative!

        haha you really don't have to do that, but thank you :)

      Well done buddy! Truly deserved, and if I were Bee, I'd be lavashing you with love, cuddles and honey and bowing at your feet all night performing your every whim.
      :-O :-o :-O :-o :-)

      naughty, i know ;)

        if you could only see the look on Bee's face as she read that followed by the "oh dear.."

        haha have i ever told you that i love you? hahaha

    I hope you dissolve that Lemsip in Scotch Mr Serrels

    Well done to Chuloopa - I don't think a day goes by where I don't see hime comment

    Do you have a job, dude?

    Grats to both. That pillow was scary as hell, though.

    Nothing on Wii or PC? Bummer :(

    Oh well, I'll use it as a prize for whoever gives me the best critique or idea to improve my article next week then.

    Congrats Chulpa!

    And thanks for the thought Mark! :D

      I've got a pile of stuff here, we'll sort summat else out for you old bean!

      Well done and congrats Tadmod! :D
      I really hope to see the tad v loops challenge so keep on Marks back for me!. Even if its just spending a virtual $100 or something? Then we can vote on a winner each week! ?

      Congrats to both you guys, it's well deserved!

      And seeing as we're on the topic of bargain/deals and you like PC stuff, Black Ops at Direct2Drive is only $60:

      Also, when you're at the check out, put in the promo code:


      And it becomes $45. I say this now, because Black Ops is out on tuesday (I think) and I'm not sure if this is for pre-order only.

        PHWOAR! I'm like, ooo must get direct2drive account, so i fill out the details, only to be told I already had an account! doh! So, I tried your code and viola Black Ops for under $45! I'm stoked! Big thanks NotoriousR

    heh well done guys! so good too see the community is still in full swing! ;)

    Congrats guys, well earned.

    And Mark, you shouldn't be moving furniture in your state. ;)

      nonsense... hard work's good for the dying.
      Gets them outside, in the fresh air... sweating out their fevers.

      Also, congrats guys.

    Well done guys!

    Keep up your respective shenanigans and all will be well!

    Also, I just had a sneak peak at what Tadmod is doing for the Bargain post.

    Wow. Very detailed stuff.

      Good to hear - looking forward to it!

      Awesome, always appreciated the updates in the Talk Amongst Yourselves threads. Well deserved TadMod.

    Grats guys. Both deserving winners. Loops is serreliously crazy with his posts. If only you put that effort into trials you'd be done with it.

    Good stuff guys. I also chuckled when two great prizes were on offer and neither wanted it. Hope you get equally awesome stuff.

    Good work guys.

      lol i'm quite happy to take either - besides i got a 20% extra trade value voucher for EB (did someone say Backbreaker?!) lol

      Don't make us sound so healthy - i'd never look a gift horse in the mouth! :P

      As for Trials.. i'm having a hard time getting ti running properly - it's lagging a buttload.. my laptop is pretty much screwed and getting worse. Unfortunately i need to save up a fair bit before i can afford a new one.. :(

        Apart from minecraft ibdont touch my pc for gaming. Too expensive to keep up to date. And backbreaker is 44 at jbhifi

        It will only get cheaper. Just get ms points and get trials hd for the xbox mate.

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