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Hey everyone, another big week over here - thanks for supporting all the READY content, and checking out and commenting on the video games pricing feature. It's good to know that we can write that kind of content here and have a totally awesome audience for it.

Also, thanks to TadMod for writing up the Bargain Post.

And while I'm on that topic, thanks for everyone for supporting him and helping him out, especially Welbot, NotoriousR, Chuloopa, and Dutch. TadMod asked me to send out his Community Kudos prize from last week to you Dutch, so if you could email me your address we'll get that sorted for you!

I'd also like to congratulate FatShady on getting his MBA. Please continue to flaunt your mad business skillz around here with your new username 'FatShady MBA'. I have an Undead Nightmare t-shirt here for you to commemorate the occasion - chuck me an email with your address and we'll get it over to you!

This week's winner, however, is Adam Grabda, who was nominated by Nick Palstra for swapping Vanquish copies with him.

Can you feel the love?

Adam, shoot me an email and we can sort out some sort of prize!

Alright guys, that about does it for Community Kudos - see you all on Monday (and this weekend when I take a break from playing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood!)


    Awesome week guys and well done all - fantastic stuff.

    Will the staff at EB get a community Kudos next week if they let me swap my copy of vanquish tonight? lol

    Seriously, it's so awesome that we have such a tight knit community that we can do these sorts of things. Makes me proud to be a part of it.

      Might sound a tad conceited, but I think the Kotaku AU far surpasses the US portal. Both in the community, and in the quality of the exclusive content (do Mark's posts get shown over at US? Don't think they do). Seems like brown-nosing in a thread about kudos prizes, but I'd like to say that the community and Mark (and David previously) pretty much redeem Kotaku for me.

      Yanks don't know what they're missing out on.

      :) Whole heartedly agree loops! Tis great indeed! It's nice to know that the world is not full of selfish fools, and I really get a warm glow when I come and see someone helping out another member in their time of need! I also hope that something comes of the little idea we were throwing around in 'Ask me stuff' yesterday! It's hard to find communities who actually have an appreciation for the efforts of others and the willingness and dedication to follow things through! I've been involved in various modding communities over the years, and usually they're full of fly-by-nighters who are just there for their 15mins in the spotlight. I'm hoping like hell this little gem will work out to produce something really kickass!

      *Seriously -> Serreliously. FTFY.

      Also, I love the "fatshady mba" and "chuloopa's fruit loops" tags Mark!

      I offered to give away some xbox controller stuff (Microsoft wheel, guitar hero guitars & drums etc. My xbox is gooone) but no-one seemed to want them. Now they gather dust in my spare room :(

      Again, offer still stands people. Free to a good home.

        A wheel you say... oo i'd most certainly be interested in that - although i'd feel a bit awkward about just TAKING anything from you :P lol

          Your call, but I sure won't be using it any more. If you want you can get in touch with me via [email protected]

          I'm in Geelong FYI.

            I'd take the wheel for sure, but I can imagine shipping it up to Bris would be costly :0

    As Mark said, thanks to all that supported and helped out with the Cheap$kate Gamer article!

    @Dutch: I hope you enjoy the prize! :D

    Also, Congrats to FatShady MBA and Adam Grabda for being awesome!

    Kotaku AU sure is a lot better now than the days of old, where I tuned out because every post was a competition or some kind of ad for a game.

    Oh wow, I totally forgot about Vanquish o.O

    Will drop you a line soon, Mark.

    OH! I forgot we could nominate someone.
    Sorry Bish, I totally thought you did some worthy things things this week but I was my usual lazy self and didn't do anything about it. :-(

      Hehehee, just noticed Chuloopa and FatShady got their own tags! Now -that's- Kudos. :-D

        bahahaha i didn't even notice that before!

        Mark! You cheeky Devil! lol

      wat did i do

      Whatever I did, it was nothing illegal!


    Firstly, well done TadMod. The Bargain post was a great idea and well make a fine addition the the regular Kotaku posts.

    Secondly, congratulations FatShady on getting your MBA.

    Thirdly, thanks Nick for nominating me. Although I'm not quite sure I deserve to be the winner when swapping with you is win-win for both of us. Much appreciated though.

    As Chuloopa said, Kotaku is definately one of the best online communities I've been a part of and its the reason I keep coming back.

    Keep up the good work everyone.

    Toyota Rukus. Serious what a gay name for a car lol!

    it's been a good week! So many good topics. Let's do it all again next week!

    Congrats guys.

    Also a big shout out to Mark for my own copy of Vanquish as well. Picked my prize up from work yesterday and it is kick ass!

    /round of applause

    Yeah this community rocks. I really appreciated the chance to talk to you guys about the work I've been doing over the last couple years in the Objection topic. Thanks for all the support--its really nice to hear that there are people who 'get it' and think its worthwhile :)

    Also, Mark, that feature on pricing was great. Research, talking to different people, looking at a story from different angles and not just relying on a press releases to put together a story is a feat worth applauding. So congratulations for that :)

    Thanks to all for the congrats and totally agree about the whole community. I actually think the entire Internet would be like this if it was all moderated. I know that is starting to sound like mandatory Internet filtering which I am against but you know what I mean. If trolls don't get a voice the world is a better place.

    Thanks also for the prize. I will be in touch. I think because of this I will start calling you mark. I held out as long as I could.

    Good work everyone.

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