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Chaps, another stellar week. You've almost got the bloody Talk Amongst Yourselves up to 400 comments, despite the fact that I forgot to repost it twice when Elly was off sick with food poisoning (get well soon Elly!)

I've got a lot of people to give 'kudos' to this week, cause it's been awesome, so let's get kicking...

First off, congrats to both Tadmod and Chuloopa 'Fruit Loops' Chuloopa for getting into their Uni courses. Kindly try not to spend all you student loan money on games/booze. You guys will undoubtedly smash it.

Thanks to everyone for some bloody amazing Marvel vs Capcom entries. We'll be announcing the winner early next week. I was blown away, and so was Capcom.

Thanks to Gobbo for writing up some awesome hands-on comments on Gran Turismo 5 in Talk Amongst Yourselves. Awesome stuff.

Thanks to The Cracks for giving me idea to have 'Hey! Listen' from Ocarina of Time as my ringtone. My family and friends now want to hit you over the head with a shovel and bury you alive.

But finally, the winner of this week's Community Kudos is Welbot. For his posts, which were awesome, in particular the one which introduced me to the Simon Pegg App for iPhone, but also for not getting mad when everyone started wishing his mum a happy birthday, and for being so tolerant when someone started posting as 'Welbot's mum', which was hilarious.

I have either a copy of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, or a copy of the new Super Mario All Stars 25th Anniversary for you, let me know which one you want! Just bear in mind that I already opened the 25th Anniversary box, because I wanted to read the booklet! And yes, I know I have a backlog of Kudos prizes to send out - I'll definitely get them all out on monday!

Alright guys, I'm signing off half an hour early to go and play Donkey Kong Country Returns. I bid you adieu for the week, and I'll catch all you guys on monday!


Also, please feel free to make Community Kudos suggestions - email me here.


    Huzzah you used the pic!

    I got the permission from Chris Hastings, the writer and artist from Dr McNinja, and sent it straight to mark!

    If you guys like the pic, i suggest you buy the shirt :P

    And if you don't read Dr. McNinja - START!

    Very bug congrats to Welbot, you old son-of-a-gun. Absolutely smashing effort this week mate and very well deserved.

      I am SO tempted to buy that shirt. So very tempted.

      And I am quite amazed and how much crap we can all talk and get 355 comments on TAY. Good job everyone and congratulations to welbot! And welbot's mum!


    Also, didn't Elly get her first 360 this week/last weekend? Food poisoning, eh? (Get well soon!)

    Congrats on everyone for being AWESOME.

      Apparently she 'hasn't even opened it yet'.

      A likely story...

        Seriously. Yesterday was the first time I pulled everything out of the bag. I spent about an hour trying to get the wireless controller to talk with the console. I'm still not sure what I was doing wrong.

        Then I created my little person, complete with vampire teeth, put on Fable III and watched the cutscenes before deciding to head over to a friend's place to watch a movie.

        It's all too hard right now.

    We rock :) Enjoy Donkey Kong.

    Is it just me or is it always the same few people who get a community kudos? Welbot, Tadmod, Fatshady etc. Don't get me wrong these guys are great posters but it gets a little boring seeing them always winning.

      Feel free to suggest someone at any time. I didn't get any suggestions this week!


          The quest for finding new, talented Kotaku commentors (?) is looking a bit... Dire.


          i see what u did thur!

          In the spirit of Mechwarrior he will need to be renamed Daishi before that can happen.

        I nominate that Mark Serrels guy for next week, always quality posts and he seems well informed.

          This. And for the "i look like boris becker and simon pegg, simon pegg app, welbot's mum" tags.

          I see him post so much though. It's like he feels it's his job or something.

      I think it might be that they get mentioned more often. That is probably because they post more often.

      We have had seven Community Kudos posts and I don't think anyone has won something twice.

      Keep up the good work guys!!

        There is a usual "family" I guess of us who are always trying to comment. But, I would disagree slightly with what you said.
        Back in the Wildgoose days I cant fully remember them all but
        1. Chuloopa won
        2. Me (Qumulys)
        3. welbot

        Under Serrelicious'
        1. TadMod/Fistbeard MacTavish/Lord Crumplebottom/Emma Koch/Matthew Phillips
        2. Me Qumulys
        3. Chuloopa/TadMod
        4. Adam Grabda
        5. f4cti0n
        6. welbot.

        So if you include the old days, us 3 (loops bots q-bo) have all won twice now. Under our new lord and master (tips hat in Marks direction) only tadmods been up twice.

        But I hope this doesn't mean people will stop trying!! Just being a part of this community is really awesome, even without the prizes. Just yesterday I got a Steam gift from Loopy! Thats how awesome this place is. But big congrats welbot on your win :D (oh and happy bday for ya mum)

          What am I?
          Chopped liver?

            Woo! Chopped liver! Nutritious AND inexpensive, just like James...


    Go team! (explosive high five)
    It's on like... oh wait... can't say that.
    Navi as your ringtone isn't that bad, imagine if it was noise Tingle makes, your family would think you've turned into a pedophile

    OMG! TRAMAMPOLINE! That was totally unexpected! Here I was just hoping my pics would be posted for you all to check out! Instead I get prizes! w00t! Prize pic's a toughy though.. I love Golden Sun, but Mario is all kinds of awesome too.. and the booklet's been touched by Simon Pegg! err I mean Mike! err. Mark! :0
    I might have to take teh Mario one I think. Would love to check out that book. I'll have a look at my wii later.. I think I might have All-Stars on my virtual console already, so if I do, I'll pass on the game disc to someone else! Maybe Dire Wolf ;) will keep you all posted!

    Congrats welbot! Enjoy your much deserved reward!

    Cheers man! Love the love.

    Mark, I forgot to ask what you're sending meeeeee!

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