'Comprehensive' Fallout Patch Will Hopefully Fix A Broken Game

Fallout: New Vegas is pretty fun when it's not breaking down on you. Problem is, that happens a lot. Hopefully a "comprehensive" patch due for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in the "coming weeks" will fix that.

While there's sadly no firmer timeframe on when to expect what for many will be a game-saving remedy, we do know the 360 version's save game issue should be fixed, "along with a number of other issues being reported".

In the meantime, PC users on NVIDIA hardware like myself suffering from crummy performance in many areas will be getting a separate patch in the next day or two that fixes not just that problem but more save game issues and companion AI problems as well.

It's a shame when you have to get excited over patches, but with this game's engine - which marries the deep technical lows with giddying exploratory highs - it's par for the course.

More news on New Vegas updates [Bethesda]


    I'm gonna rant about this here... but I am so sick of hearing the expression "broken" as a general gaming term.

    For an entire game to be broken, or at least to warrant the use of the word, I don't know... it needs to not work at all. Like freeze or something whenever you turn it on, and can't be played at all... not a really comprehensive and good game that happens to have a few bugs. Broken just seems like an overused buzzword that people who in general don't like/suck at a game use.

    Just stop using that word, damn it! It's nearly as bad as "casual" xD

      Sorry, can I get some context here? Why don't you like "casual"?

        Probably because 'casual' is a poor label that ill-fits the intended demographic.

        Fortunately for me, I haven't really played much Fallout New Vegas yet :P Been playing Halo Reach and Fable 3 when not at uni or watching Family Guy.

          "Like freeze or something whenever you turn it on, and can’t be played at all…"

          Yes, like Fallout: New Vegas. I don't see your point.

      Well see, I would assume FNV is broken since it constantly crashes or has bugs that destroy missions. I think it's one of the few games that deserves the term broken, pretty much anything that uses this shitty engine is gonna have the word "broken" attached to it at one point or another.

    Its Bethesda way to prevent piracy... Release a buggy game and just keep patching it :D Try to make the pirates give up after a few hundred mb of patches :P lol

      yes but what if the pirates just do a virtual disc image that doesn't need constant updating? :p

      I like what was done with The Witcher - the patch support for that helped counter the effects of pirates by making fans want to buy a second copy of the game when they didn't have to :p
      (be nice to see the Enhanced/Extended Edition approach to some of these other sorts of games that really need it - there always seem to be half-finished quests and areas in them that get cut due to time/budget constraints that could just be patched back in like what fans have done for the likes of Planescape Torment)

    Might be a bit late for me, I put a lot of hours into Fallout3, but the bugs in this game have totally turned me off. I'll be finishing this playthrough and trading it, I won't support a dev that can release a game that is barely playable

      Didn't you already support them by buying the game - the continued usage of said game is not their problem - I guess you will be making your statement by not buying the DLC but to be honest what happens when everyone is raving about DLC that is brilliant? You'll buy the copy back and play it?

    Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I've only come across a few bugs, none of them game breaking, just a little annoying.

    As for your performance issues, 30 seconds on Google can find you a fix.
    If you can't bothered: http://newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34970

    I think every Fallout/TES player should get familiar with the Nexus websites.

    Other than the dogs eyes appearing next to his head in the very beginning of the game I've had no bugs what so ever. Wait that's a lie I had ONE random crash and had to load a save from 7 minutes before hand so I wasn't really worried. Benny is a douche I shot his bitch face in the presidential suite when I got to the Tops Casino.

    Hey Luke, is it just Nvidia cards that have those issues? I've got an ATI so...? (ATI Radeon HD4500)

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