Could Gran Turismo 5's Opening Be Any Longer?


Think the wait for Gran Turismo 5 is really long? Check out the game's opening. It's over seven minutes of raw materials, factory metal and cars, cars, cars.

YouTube user GTisTopGear uploaded this footage, which is supposedly Gran Turismo 5's opening credits. Another YouTube user, You5825, previously uploaded footage of himself apparently racing through what looks to be Gran Turismo 5.

The game discs were stamped early last week, and they appear to have already fallen into gamer hands before going on sale - and before the game's release date has been revealed!

Gran Turismo 5 was slated to be out earlier this year, but Sony is now pinning it to this Christmas season.


    This video was pulled from GTPlanet yesterday at the request of Sony... will Kotaku soon be following suit? :P

    7:17? jesus lol!

    Terrible, terrible music.

    What the hell happened to Daiki Kasho and Jonathan Underdown?

    For the love of Oprah freakin' Winfrey... was there any reason for the first 3 minutes and 45 seconds?

    No. No there was not.

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