Dead Nation Comes Alive On PlayStation Network Soon

The PlayStation 3 may get its next great top-down shooter later this month when the zombie-infested Dead Nation - you know, from the creators of the most excellent Super Stardust HD - comes to the PlayStation Network.

Dead Nation is due for release (at least in North America, anyway) on November 30 via the PlayStation Store. Cost to you for zombie-killing twin-stick shooting will be $US14.99. From what we've played of Dead Nation so far, the game's a bit more slowly paced than Super Stardust HD; but things quickly build to a fever pitch, with hundreds of zombies bearing down on you and a friend during intense battles.

At Death's Door: Dead Nation Hits PSN November 30th []


    PAL will get it a day later!

    Insta-buy for me, SSHD is still fantastic and the brief play I had with the Beta was enough to see the quality to continue!

      Yeah, I'll be buying this on the basis that (a) SSHD was awesome and (b) zombies are awesome, meaning that this should be double-awesome.

      Whether it's a day 1 purchase or not will depend on pricing.

    "bearing down on you and a friend" so it's two players max? That sucks, I was hoping for at least 4 players like L4D.

    Any word on 3D support? SSDH looks amazing in 3D.

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