Dead Or Alive, Kasumi's A Pricey Figure

A figure of Dead or Alive star Kasumi is never going to be the classiest thing in the world, but then, Kasumi isn't the classiest girl in the world, either, so I guess in this case things are working out just fine!

She's priced at about $US80. That's a lot of money for a piece that's not well-sculpted enough to be a great figure, and not slutty enough to appeal to the kind of person who spends money on Dead or Alive merchandise.

If there is a middle ground, though, and you like what you see here, the figure goes on sale in Japan next April.

[via Tomopop]


    So like she's a ninja.. Right? Why do girl ninjas wear revealing clothes? Just like Taki from Soul Calibur. Haha, I will never get it at all...

      Because if you do happen to see them, it makes it much easier for them to stab you in the face when your jaw hits the ground.

    I need more toys for my work desk, but I'm not a huge fan of this, I've seen better. Can anyone recommend an awesome figure for my work desk? (I'm a game artist if that helps)

      Really depends on which kinda games you like.
      This graces mine, and I love it:

    I see in her future... many trips to a chiropractor for back complaints.

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