Developer Changes Name Because The Old Name Was Dirty

Wet developers Behaviour used to be known as Artificial Mind & Movement. Then they changed it to A2M (NSFW). And that's why they're now known as Behaviour.

Behaviour CEO Rémi Racine tells Eurogamer that initially, the team was unaware of any colloquialisms surrounding the studio name, until the "issue became known to us five years ago. It was mentioned in a movie and it started to grow from 2005/2006."

What movie? This (again, NSFW) movie.

"At first it was funny, and we didn't mind. Locally, it's funny. Not on the international scene, but locally, some people have fun with it.

"As much as it was funny, sometimes it becomes not funny."

Sometimes? This is coming from a man who had to introduce himself as the CEO of A2M, and he says only sometimes it wasn't funny?

By 2009 it had gotten a bit much, and the studio made a move to change its name, though because it took a while "to finalise the process", that move has only recently been finalised.

Why did Wet dev A2M change its name? [Eurogamer]


    Also, disassociating itself from back catalog of bad games

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