Diablo III Could Also Be Coming To Video Game Consoles

Could the Diablo series make a return to consoles? A handful of new jobs seeking fresh Blizzard talent with console experience sure makes it look that way.

The studio that normally sticks to PC and Mac may be making a console version of Diablo III, according to new job listings spotted by Gamasutra. Blizzard is seeking a Lead Producer, Lead Designer and Lead Programmer for a console version of its popular hack and slash RPG series, openings described as "particularly critical position[s] ". Each is listed under the Diablo III section of the job openings page.

"Blizzard Entertainment is seeking an experienced engineer to lead console development on the Diablo team, reads one listing. "The ideal candidate has both strong leadership skills and an impressive technical console background."

Blizzard has primarily stuck to PC based development for its recent projects, but has had some console experience, including StarCraft 64, Blackthorne and The Lost Vikings. The original Diablo was released for the PlayStation in 1998.

Could Diablo III come to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360? We're checking in with Blizzard to find out...

Blizzard Entertainment: Career Opportunities [Blizzard via Gamasutra]


    ...I thought that was the intention all along...? :/

    This is news? I thought it was a given in the current market!

    Yay for em, bmy 360 and shit laptop! lol

    I would love D3 to hit console. It seems obvious Blizzard would want to extend their products to more than just the PC market.

    However, I can see problems arising between Microsoft's XBL and Blizzard's Battle.Net software. Blizzard will want players to connect through Battle.Net, which could be hard with Microsoft's rigid beliefs on how their consumers connect to outside servers...

      Fact is Blizz are linking all there games to Battle.net and there own achievement system. I couldnt seem them using Live as achievements go to your user account and tallied up with all your other blizz games to be ranked (eventually that is!).

      As it is Blizzard really has no reason to move shop from PC, they sell millions of games on the PC alone.. And hackers/cheaters who get banned, just re-buy the game without a worry and continue on there merry way until they get caught again and the process repeats.

    Diablo III Kinect!

      Now that I might actually consider buying kinect for!

    A 'return' to consoles? To my knowledge Diablo never was on any consoles. Rock 'n Roll racer perhaps.

      If you'd read the post you would have seen Diablo was ported to the PSX

    Smells like something Activi$ion is cooking up. Personally not a big fan of the idea, simply because if/when Diablo on consoles takes off, subsequent versions of Diablo will more than likely be dumbed down. Or added incentive will be added for consoles to stop the dreaded PC pirates.

    No you fools! It's Starcraft Ghost, first Duke Nukem, then Starcraft Ghost.

    "And the dead shall rise and walk the earth", its Revelations people! It's the end of the world! Cats and dogs living together!

    wish they would stop screwing Around with ideas and RELEASE THIS ALREADY!!!! FFS

      Agreed.. Just think, we only have to wait until 2012!!!........

      I love you Diablo but the wait is a killer..

    Looks like Activision's influence is becoming more and more far reaching. People paying close attention to the Diablo III development (ie not using gaming news websites as their sources) would have seen the indications for a while now that the developers behind DIII had no intention to make DIII console compatible because... well point and click games don't do so well without a mouse.

    Fast forward to the post Call of Duty world where games can make some impressive profits and people are starting to get greedy, making game design decisions for financial reasons, something Blizzard wasn't previously known for.

    It's funny, normally this argument is made about WoW-clone MMOs - games designed to tap into the newly discovered profitability of the monthly subscription MMO. Make one super profitable MMO and people are breaking down doors to make the next one, all of them failing.

    Investors see money in the console market, not the PC market so Activision have called their little puppy Blizzard to fetch.

    /sigh.. Gameplay was designed for simple, intuitive mouse control. Lets have fun doing lots of loot clicka with a controller? Dear god in hell no, you can keep that rubbish..

    I normally wouldnt say it ~ as I am a console fan too, but god I hope not. Play it the way its meant to be played! And knowing Blizz these days, they will just delay the PC version until the console one is ready to be shipped.. We have another year+ waiting now as it stands.

    Do that, but keep the following and more things in mind;

    *1080i/p (upscale at least)

    *keyboard/mouse support, ps3 supports it so make use of it. it doesn't have to be the controller.

      Also blizzard don't have to release pc and console simultaneously. Consoles can wait just a bit longer . If it benefits development both ways, that is.

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