Diehard Nintendo Fans Debate Whether Donkey Kong Is Good Or Evil

Nintendo's famous ape seemed like a villain back in the original Donkey Kong game, but he's been a good guy recently. Which is it? We asked people who would know, some of whom were dressed as Nintendo characters.

This video was shot in November at the Nintendo World Store. Thanks to all who agreed to answer this tough question for Kotaku.

Fun fact: In November Donkey Kong did something unusual, starring as hero and villain in two new games. That may be a first.


    I thought Donkey Kong was a bad guy, but his son Donkey Kong Jnr was a good guy. By Donkey Kong Country the original Donkey Kong is now Cranky Kong and Donkey Kong Jnr is now Donkey Kong.

    I can't even remember where I'm getting that from though. I think it was really strongly hinted at in the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy and Donkey Kong 64.

      That's what I thought. I clearly remember that being part of some back story in the instruction manual for the original Donkey Kong Country.

        I also recall this. I'm pretty sure it's canon.

        Right you are,
        Cranky Kong was the original Donkey Kong who even mentions that he was the one throwing barrels at Mario.

        So I reckon the Donkey Kong we know now is a good guy...until that New Mario game kinda confused us again...

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