Dirty Dancing Meets Minecraft Via The Black Eyed Peas

What If The Black Eyed Peas made a music video in Minecraft or with 3D Dot Game Heroes?

It wouldn't look exactly like this, but I bet someone out there could make these pixelated people in either of those games.

Beyond the video game aesthetic of the music video for The Time (Dirty Bit), which hit earlier this week, you'll also catch a peek at the still-not-released BlackBerry tablet, the PlayBook. Will.I.Am keeps holding it up to view cityscapes and discover little avatar versions of the group.

Not really sure what that's about, beyond a huge paid-for product placement, but it makes the video for this Dirty Dancing ode remake even more game-like.

If you're into BEP their new album, The Beginning, (which also features avatars on the cover) hits next week.


    What if they did? Well, their music would be just as appaling as ever. It sounds like Eurodisco had a baby but aborted it. Ungh.

    Interesting video, terrible song.

    Shame on you Kotaku, id expect this kinda of thing on defamer but not from you.

    A few after effects filters and some times a games website it should not make. I'll chalk it up to slow news weekend.

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