Do You Take This Avatar To Be Your Wife?

By day, 27-year-old Paul Turner was a computer programmer. By night, he played Final Fantasy XI as a Hume, hanging out with a Tarutaru named Branwen. Paul left his girlfriend for that Tarutaru and married the woman behind the avatar.

When Turner stopped playing FFXI, Vicky Teather realised how much she cared for him. "It might sound strange to people who have never played an online game," Vicky tells The Daily Mail, "but the fact he was a traditional man with values to match and was protecting me was what first drew me to him."

They had never met and never even spoken over the phone. Vicky says the initial feeling was of "shock".

"And I couldn't help but feel guilty as I was living with my partner. At first I tried to forget my feelings." She couldn't even send him a message, revealing her feelings.

The two finally met on Christmas Eve in 2008 and immediately hit it off in person.

"Neither of us wanted to have an affair," says Paul, "and yet the attraction in real life was as strong as it had been between our avatars." They both left their partners and began seeing each other during the weekends and, according to The Daily Mail, "dating" in FFXI. Paul and Vicky married, complete with Final Fantasy XI avatars on their wedding cake.

Couple marry after falling in love in online game before they'd even met [The Daily Mail]


    A nice story, but it seems really unfair to their partners. It'd be understandable if their partners were douchebags, but otherwise they'd feel really bad being left for someone who the other person had never even met before.

      Your assuming they're not douchebags. Perhaps both their partners are and they were both looking for someone else, and where else to start than a common ground.

      Because everyone wants to be with someone who doesn't want to be with them. Or they don't. If these two people wanted to leave their partners there is nothing unfair about that - it's a free world. That's life, get over it.

      Better leave them than to stay in the relationship, have resent build up over years and have it explode later in life when there is more at stake.

      Sure it would've hurt the partners at the time, but it was clearly the best thing to do.

    It's nice to hear a happy ending, though I feel sorry for their previous partners. I wonder if their love is enough to survive the horrors of FFXIV (I think that's righte... )

    Well much like any relationship starting off this way the thrill of affair will end and it will fall apart. Put me down in the pool for six months.

    Vicky tells The Daily Mail, “but the fact he was a traditional man with values to match and was protecting me was what first drew me to him.”

    Yep, that guy cheating on his wife....awesome values...

      A) Girlfriend, not wife.
      B) Neither of them cheated. When they decided that they wanted to see each other... they broke up with their current partners.

        A) My bad, I thought he was married.

        B) You're telling me (honestly) that neither of them EVER cheated? C'mon, lets be honest now.... (cheating doesn't have to mean sexual intercourse either)

          There is a world of difference between thought and deed.

          It seems to me that when they wanted to act, they stopped and reviewed what they were doing... then made a concious decision, which they spoke to their partners about.

    As sweet and sappy as it sounds, they consciously decided to meet each other on the Christmas Eve DESPITE still dating other people. They might not have been outright cheating, but they're not naive. They knew exactly what to expect meeting each other and knew how it might unfold.

    I just feel sorry for the 'other man/woman', I'm sure they did nothing wrong other than let their partners play 'that stupid game' a little too much.

    PS: She's surprisingly normal looking for a serious FFXI player.

      " PS: She’s surprisingly normal looking for a serious FFXI player "

      sexist much?

        Not really. I'm not saying attractive girls can't be gamers. Or even serious ones. I know several WoW-playing girls who are quite cute.

        But FFXI is not WoW. It doesn't have the same mainstream appeal, and most of its hardcore players aren't even nerds, but a distinct uber-nerd.

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