Donkey Kong Country Returns Release Date

Donkey Kong Country Returns Release Date

Tragically we’re not getting Kirby this year, but we will be getting Donkey Kong Country Returns – and sooner than you think.

Nintendo has just revealed that Donkey Kong Country Returns will be released in Australia on December 2, and will retail at $99.95.

We’re really looking forward to the game’s release. The original Donkey Kong Country, in our humble opinion, has dated pretty poorly, but from what we’ve seen thus far Retro Studios has done an incredible job of recreating the Donkey Kong Country that exists in our rose-tinted imaginations. You probably don’t remember the dodgy level design of the orginal and now, thanks to Retro Studios, you won’t have to!

If we weren’t so terrified of Nintendo’s legal team we might say, ‘it’s on like Donkey Kong’, but the big N is in the process of trademarking that catchphrase, so we’ll just give this news a ‘huzzah’ and be done with it.


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