Donkey Kong Country Returns Release Date

Tragically we're not getting Kirby this year, but we will be getting Donkey Kong Country Returns - and sooner than you think.

Nintendo has just revealed that Donkey Kong Country Returns will be released in Australia on December 2, and will retail at $99.95.

We're really looking forward to the game's release. The original Donkey Kong Country, in our humble opinion, has dated pretty poorly, but from what we've seen thus far Retro Studios has done an incredible job of recreating the Donkey Kong Country that exists in our rose-tinted imaginations. You probably don't remember the dodgy level design of the orginal and now, thanks to Retro Studios, you won't have to!

If we weren't so terrified of Nintendo's legal team we might say, 'it's on like Donkey Kong', but the big N is in the process of trademarking that catchphrase, so we'll just give this news a 'huzzah' and be done with it.


    Holy crap that is sooner than i thought.. and much more pricey that i would have thought too..

    Blasphemy! The originals are still gems!

    But this does look like a sweet update to the franchise.

    Whilst the first game may have had some dodgy level design, the sequils had some brilliant levels. This looks good, but some seriosly crappy decisions (no kremlings, no character swapping) means it's unlikely to top them.

    WHAT!? Dated poorly? I don't think so!

    My bets on the originals still being better than this update.

      Gonna have to give up an "Amen" to that

    Two words to the doubters;

    Retro Studios.

      Word. Metroid Prime is my favourite Nintendo published game this decade.

    I have to agree. I recently Hooked up the good ol' SNES and started on DKC, its still as good as when it was new. Quality game. Hasn't aged at all.

    But still excited for DKCR.

    I'm still expected to pay $100 for a new release wii game in Australia? Yikes.

    I don't remember no dodgy levels! I've played through it recently, too :\

    No one ever pays it, it's always cheaper.

    Do people pay $129 for COD? .... Hang on back example.

    Can't wait for this game.

    The price though... I think I'll buy online. :)

    EB has now also listed Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the same day!


    Thanks for the heads up, Nintendo. I'll be sure to import it from OzGameShop for $57 instead.

    "dated poorly?" "dodgy level design?" Huh? Having just played through DKC1 and 2 I was surprised at how amazingly well it's aged, and how well the levels were designed. It's still a brilliant fun filled game, unless increasing difficulty isn't your thing... but then Donkey Kong really isn't your thing anyway.

    Same day as Mario All Stars?
    Donkey Kong is going to have to wait.

    i'm not paying $99 for no kremlings, I don't think it can beat DKC3

    DKC 1,2 & 3 all rocked on the SNES. I've just finished number 2 for the 20th time and i'm still enjoying it. I have also finished Jungle beat about a year ago. I like all DK games and can't wait for DKCR, but all 3 DKC's on the SNES are the best ever.

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