Dragon Ball Kamihamihas Arcades

Next February, a new Dragon Ball title will be shooting beams in to arcades across Japan. The game is called Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale.

It's a four player networked game that seems similar to Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team.

In Dragon Ball, Zenkai, as the Dragon Ball Wiki explains, is a genetic ability that only Saiyans have that enables them to increase their power significantly after getting hurt.

"Zenkai" (全快) in Japanese refers to a complete health recovery.

バンダイナムコ、AC「ドラゴンボール ZENKAIバトルロイヤル」 [Game Watch]


    Just to say - it's Kamehameha =P Also, Dragon Ball Wiki is one of the worst wiki's on the Internet. Zenkai, like you say, only means complete health recovery - it's not an ability exclusive to the Saiyans, or even to Dragon Ball (although it's often incorrectly used like that).

    ...Sorry, big DB fan =P

    Haha this reminds me of the CS mod they made for DBZ a while back.

    I like the fact that Kamehameha has no E's in it in the title.

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