Dressing Up As A Video Game... Console... Mascot?

When people engage in the art of cosplay, we normally expect to see them dress up as characters from a video game, not a video game console itself.

And when they do dress up as a console, we'd expect to see them dress up as a, well, console. Not what this lass is wearing, which is inspired by the PS3, but has nowhere near enough chrome to be a replica of the real thing.

So she's a PS3-tan, essentially. From Costa Rica. Strangeness all around, then, but strangeness we can dig for virtue of being strange. Any Venezuelans up for cosplaying as a Neo Geo arcade stick, you've got our details.

[PS3 girl photoshoot by TenshinoSekai, thanks Angie!]


    Nothing PS3-inspired at all about this besides button icons on her tits.

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