EA Says GT5 Is "Sterile"; Codemasters Says It's "Boring"

Can't have a major release date without competitors taking a crap all over it. In this case, Electronic Arts and Codemasters. We love it when people talk trash about other folks' products. Let's you and him fight!

Need For Speed is a different experience from GT5, of course, and Patrick Soderlund, a senior vice president for Electronic Arts, understands this. He still regards Need For Speed: Shift 2 as a direct competitor, and a better one at that.

"I think they have a very sterile, almost car collecting type of product where that's mainly what we do and I think we can offer something different," Soderlund told CVG.

Codemasters, which takes this racing business rather seriously, just released F1 2010. Their CEO, Rod Cousens, praised GT5 as a "phenomenal product," and then proceeds to call it "boring."

"You can have a technically phenomenal game, but you can also have a game concept that doesn't really appeal [to some racing fans]and could be accused of - and you have to be careful how you write this - of being boring," Cousens said.

No, you have to be careful how you say that.

"We don't have that problem," Cousens went on, "We feel the adrenaline rush that we'll always provide in F1 will not be matched by anyone else. You're going to have all the cars, all the tracks and all the worldwide locations - not to mention the best strategy, and the best damage, as far as we can."

EA Claims Gran Turismo 5 is Very Sterile, Codemasters Accuses it as Being Boring [Operation Sports]


    I'd love to either argue or agree with this but I've spent the last hour installing this bastard.

    20mins my ass you lying progress bar of fail.

      I got so excited when I saw it would 'only' take 20 mins. 45 mins later it dropped to the longest 3 secs of my life. Me thinks they measure install time via the same mechanism that they measure game development time.

        I'm have a lung infection, so when I laughed at your comment just now, I nearly died. But it would have been worth it.

        Yeah, that last 3 seconds felt like an eternity!
        All was redeemed after watching the amazing opening movie! Loved the watching the metal being smelted and glass being cut etc.

          mine said 50 when it started last night, but then i just clicked over and watched beauty and the geek lolololol

          pre-install didnt do much for me in terms of load times but and that installation symbol still pops up every now and then

    Haha, they sound so whiney. I don't play any of them and I find these comments irritating. Irritating, but also humerous.

    "EA Says GT5 Is "Sterile"; Codemasters Says It’s "Boring"

    ...everyone else says that they're jealous.

      Agreed... even from the original Gran Turismo, it wasn't a game that was a white-knuckle, balls to the wall racer.

      It's always had the crap cars in slow races, it was about learning to drive race lines, start off easy and slowly get better and faster cars.

      Obviously it was a hit with people out there as it's the biggest game in the racing/driving genre. Every publisher that calls the game boring, sterile or something similar just wishes they had the game and it's sales in their stable.

      The original APK supports this statement.

        Hey, original APK. I laughed when I first saw a comment with your user name. My initials are APK, but because that was essentially 'taken', I decided to go with the next best thing which was to add 31 after it (which is my birthday in May).

          Oh Shit.

          Hi-Five! My birthday is on the 30th of May.

          You're like, the 4th person I know who has a birthday on the 31st May!

            LOL...high-five back at you, Exia. I have a friend who was born on the 30th of May, and the same year as well (1982). Gemini's rule!

    Need for Speed Shift was a step in the right direction for the series but the gameplay itself is horrible. I really hope they fix it up big time for Shift 2.

    When I had the driving aids on (which is default) all I had to do was accelerate and turn the joystick at the corners. After a while I noticed it and it really put me off like I was being spoon fed.

    I believe the game has these default settings because the wonky arcade hybrid controls are broken. With the aids off I could NOT control my car at ALL.

    Simple acceleration would have me sliding all over the track. I can't believe nobody else has complained about this yet. Maybe they all play on default not realizing how much damn hand holding its doing. Not to mention the dumb AI smashing into you and ruining your focus.

    One aspect I will give credit to Shift is its sound. Instead of that ear piercing shriek when breaking in GT games, it was like a roar of the tyres fighting to keep grip onto the asphalt and it was rather thrilling.

    Grid was a good game once you got used to the controls though. Definitely a better alternative the Shift if your not looking for a Sim or broken Arcade hybrid racing game.

    So really... these guys shouldn't complain about GT5, only be envious. The product definitely had more work and care put into it. Especially compared the slop bucket Shift.

      I agree that Shift wasn't very good driving physics wise by default. My big issue with it (prior to tweaking some files) wasn't power oversteer, but the horrid handling under braking.

      However the impression I got after some tweaks and mods was that it's actually has pretty capable physics when compared to the Ego engined games (Grid, Dirt2 et al).

      It's the main reason why I hold so much hope for the sequel though, and rate Shift better than Grid. But you're right, as sold it was pretty horrid, and as is becoming the norm, it took the community to make it decent.

    Funny thing is I'm really finding myself hating the style of Codemasters' recent titles. Dirt 2 was the worst for it. I don't give a sh*t about Ken Block/Dave Mirra and I don't care if they thought I did well on my last race! Racedriver Grid's menu was irritating at best. I love the actual gameplay of both these titles, but I wish the interface/theme was more boring/sterile!

      I feel the exact same way about Dirt. It has the whiff of 'Poochy' about it.

      I couldn't agree more!

      yeah, Dirt3 needs to go back to the simple Colin Mcrae 2.0 back on the PS1.

    Hey Codemasters, I'll tell you what I get bored of: Playing driving games where I am constantly being told by a bunch of "X games" stunt drivers that I'm 'sick', and if I 'trick out my ride' I'll be totally 'slammin' it man'. Colin would be Scandinavian flicking in his grave that his name is still tangentially associated with trash like Dirt. (The disappointing part is that I think the vehicle physics and sounds in Dirt are fantastic)

    Personally, I find it much more "visceral" nailing a perfect lap time in a slow-ass 30 year old hatchback in GT than being bombarded with novelty camera effects in NFS Shift and every menu telling me how awesome I am and going WooShH Tweooo CH CH Peowww WA WA WA Dush dush Bing Phwwwoooo. But that's just me :)

    Hey, I gotta do SOMETHING while I wait to install it, why not hate on some other games? :D

      Oh god, I so agree with that. I'm sick of that "wicked" attitude companies are trying to stamp on their games. More so, where the hell does it belong in a serious rally game series? Rally is not like that at all. Its very professional and tense about being the most focussed driver you can be to shave those seconds off your lap. How do you think rally drivers would go with people shooting fire works and waving tube men around or whatever like its a damn rave party. Ridiculous! Dirt 1 wasn't that bad but the load times were the damn annoying.

        Exactly. Dirt should have been a clean break from the CMR IP. The fundamental concept of a game based around a variety of non-tarmac motorsports is fine, its the association with the previous games in the series that were much more serious was bad - purely a way to leverage the brand name. (Though as you point out Dirt1 wasn't nearly as bad as 2 at being over-wickedised).

        Dirt3 seems to have taken the next step towards just being a big interactive ad for DC shoes.

    I love that Codemasters is calling it a boring game. Because I've dropped 20 hours into F1 2010 and its alot more boring than any GT I've ever played. The whole F1 2010 game is a disappointment. Realistic racing is still only being done right by rFactor

      Agreed, I finished one season and have done my dash. The game is amazingly sterile - I think it was a mistake to the steer the series away from the spectacle of the racing events from a 'TV' perspective to a 'Drivers' perspective. How did they manage to make F1 boring? The whole thing also stinks a little bit too much like a big mod of Dirt. (obviously they are both built on the same engine, but the same menu style..moving in and out of the trailer..the identical effect for doing the flashbacks..c'mon guys).

    EA and Codemasters can complain all the want, as long as they get off their asses and produce something that competes with or surpasses it. They'll get sales, consumers will get an awesome game, everyone wins.

    In the meantime they can shaddup.

      Hear hear! There's a reason why GT5 sells so well, and that's simply because it's a better game than anything Codies have put out to date.
      As you said, the sooner they realise this, the sooner we win.

    While GT5's pissweak damage modelling certainly means crashes don't have the same visceral impact of Race Driver GRID (which remains the gold standard for smashin' cars up IMO), it's hardly sterile.

    The physics and car handling are head and shoulders above anything else I've played, so while you might not feel the contact with the other cars as much as I'd like, you feel the contact with the ROAD in a way that is pretty amazing. And that's just in the low level crappy car I'm starting out with, I look forward to the sensation being even better when I get to the point where I'm driving an actual sports car.

      And while I'm here - does anybody find the timing of these statements a little suspicious? Especially the Codemasters one. That smells like a press release that was prepared days/weeks/months in advance of GT5's release and put away somewhere safe, ready to be trotted out on GT5's release day to try and prevent F1 2010's sales dropping to 0 in the wake of GT5's release. I doubt he'd even played GT5 when that was released.

    Meanwhile, the team behind iRacing aren't saying squat because they're above such petty console squabbling.

    I just spent the install time reading through the lovely book that came with the signature edition. Also, for the record, the cars in Shift always looked like the back-end wobbled around. And the 'spoon fed' driver assists made it a pathetic game. GT is a SIMULATOR. It doesnt need all the stupid hype of Grid or shift. And who dosent like collecting cars? As a car nut with mild OCD, this is just freekin heaven!

    I think both companies are jealous, F1 2010 is both "sterile" and "boring" and if it wasnt for Hot Pursuit People were starting to turn off of the Need For Speed franchise.

    Gran Tursimo is and will always be the most popular racing franchise.

    hahaha Codemasters... I hate you so much (or more the fact that you are almost my only option for AAA racing titles on the PC. NFS:Shift2 you better be good!).

    While you may call it sterile and boring compared to your products, I'd call it focused and free of all the completely horribly and gaudy 'Xtreme!!1!' of Dirt 2, or the utter pointlessness of F1 2010's "Live the Life" (aka. interviews).

    Also claiming that F1 2010 has the best strategy (broken pitstops, race ai, qualifying ai, fuel sim etc), and best damage (ai completely uneffected, PC car is hard to damage, with very little change in handling), is laughable at best.

    As for EA's comments, I'm sitting here, having enjoyed NFS:Shift, hoping for Shift 2 that they take the GT5 approach over the Codemasters one, but their statement doesn't give me much hope of that.

    GT5 appears to be a game targeted at car and racing enthusiasts, where as Codemasters games appear to be made for the mass market.
    As a member of the former, I much prefer that approach. Pity it's not available on PC...

    What codemasters and EA needs to do is release their driving games with 1000 cars, now call 800 of them standard cars. Basically cut and paste these low Res cars from their previous game and suck there fans in thinking this is something special. This is nothing but lazy developing .....standard...PPPFFFTT

    Let's not forget 6 years numerous delays GT5 is a mess. They should of delayed it again

      Ignoring the time it took to develop, since that is really rather irrelevant to whether the game is good or not, if you took all the standard cars out, does that no still leave you with over 200 quality cars, 26 locations, outstanding graphics and good driving physics!?

      Compared to most other recent racing games, I'd still call that pretty bloody special.

        Pretty much what I was thinking. I'm sticking to premium cars only because I'll never have the time to devote to driving all 1,000+ cars. Hell, I doubt I'll even drive half of the premium cars.

        And, apart from the lack of interior, even the standard cars still look damn good. Just not in the same league as the premiums.

    As an avid iRacer I sit here with a smug look of 'my favorite sim is in fact better than all this console filth'. - Yes, I have perfected that as a look.

    EA and Codemasters can bitch all they want. GT5 is what I'll be buying while their exciting titles languish on the exciting shelves.

    I happen to think EA and Codemasters have a point, that's exactly how I feel.

    Please note the quotes.

    EA didn't say that "GT5 is sterile" and Codemasters DIDN'T say "GT5 is boring."

    What both of them were emphasizing was that GT5 is a DIFFERENT KIND OF RACING GAME which will not appeal to the tastes of every fan of racing games.

    GT5 focuses on real cars and realistic physics. This isn't to the taste of every fan of racing games. Hence, some fans of the games will find it "sterile" or "like a car collecting game" or "boring" or "not adrenaline-charged."

    But it is much easier to stoke fanboy wars than to represent comments and sentiments expressed by developers in a reasonable and accurate manner, isn't it?

    after F1 2010 Im not sure Codemasters should be calling any other racing game boring.

    I agree with EA and Codemasters.

    EA games aren't sterile, they're full of bugs! This is good.

    Codemasters games aren't boring, they're full of explodey things and tits! This is also good.

    Shame on you for wanting GT5.

    I laugh at how GT5's 'bad' car damage is considered a flaw. See, in a real race... you're not SUPPOSED to hit anything. As long as GT5 remains head and shoulders about other driving games in terms of physics, I'm fine with having pristine cars.

      In racing shit happens, when you do crash you should have to drive with a the consequences.

      Overly forgiving damage modeling promotes poor driving.

    I've bought every GT game (I still remember being blown away by the graphics of GT1) but it just doesn't suit my tastes. TOCA at the time felt more like a simulator. I never seem to learn - I tell myself that I'll be bored within a week playing GT but I still end up buying it then getting bored a week or two later. I'm tempted to grab a copy of GT5 but I'd rather play it with a Logitech GT Wheel - just waiting till they drop to $99 again. The only racing game that I've fallen in love with is Forza 3. It's hypnotic. Not hard core by any means but very pleasant to drive in. And the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel makes it even more fun. Might have another go now :)

    I there is one thing I do know, it's that damage is not an unlockable feature in Forza 3. Also, all cars are available for photo mode in Forza 3, not just the fancy ones. But I digress, *grins*

    They probably have a point (it's not quite the game everyone had hoped for...), obscured by the fact they're rival companies.

    Besides, they can hardly be expected to say "OMG, BESTEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED!".

    i agree that codemasters titles and ea's efforts don't compare to GT5... but forza does... and forza wipes the floor with this crap... yes i own both games... in fact i bought the signature edition of gt5 and feel very ripped off

      I'm a huge Forza fan and I'm blown away by GT5, it's got exactly the kind of challenges I like, with less of a tuner feel. Forza 4 will be just as great as GT5, I'm sure of it, but GT5 offers something different to Forza 3.

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