Enslaved Action Figures Look As Dirty As The Apocalypse

Ninja Theory's Enslaved may not have been one of 2010's more memorable games, but these custom action figures built in its honour are some of 2010's more memorable pieces of fan art.

Designed and built by Hugo, they take a number of different comic book pieces, a lot of custom sculpting work by the artist himself and combine them all into figures that would surely make even professional toysmiths blush.

Hugo is the same guy behind that amazing Eddie Riggs piece from earlier in the year, so... keep it up, guy!

Enslaved was released last month on Xbox 360 and PS3. You can check out our review here.

Enslaved [Hugothehugo, thanks Osama!]


    Will these ever be available for fans to purchase?

    How can I contact the man who made these toys?

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