EVE Online Incursion Trailer Brings The Drama

Seven years on, massively multiplayer online space drama EVE Online is still going strong. Over the course of the next three months, the universe of EVE Online will change with the Incursion expansion(s).

EVE Online, with its space piracy and interstellar wars, certainly has its share of real-world and in-game theatrics, but this mood-setting teaser for EVE Online: Incursion does its job well—it may make even the MMO-fearing, EVE Online noob want to dip their toe in the dangerous waters of CCP Games' deep and broad space sim.


    Right. That's it... I'm giving this game a try.

    Anyone on here play?
    Anything noobs should know?

      Its incredibly deep and complex... the tutorial alone can take you a couple of hours just to get through. And the game, takes time to build up and find fun/your place in the world..

      Dont expect instant gratification cause it just isnt there. Everything in this game is work, but once you start getting to terms with everything its hell fun.

      "Anything noobs should know?"

      That it's not NEARLY as interesting as trailers make it out to be, unless you're prepared to commit several years of your life to it.

        EVE is a difficuly game to enjoy- I played it slavishly for well over a year before sitting back, assessing all I'd done, and realising that in the entire time I'd actually gotten very little actual ENJOYMENT out of it. Yahtzee Crowshaw described it as "a second job you have to pay for" and EVE honestly requires a huge investment of time and effort and even then it's only fun if you get into a really good position.


        Quoted for truth, do the tutorial, you'll find out how combat handles, how to mine, how to use and fit your ship.

        If by the end of the tutorial you don't think it's any fun, then don't subscribe.

        Easily half of the entertainment in the game is the drama, and I don't mean kids trolling on forums I mean corporate espionage, bounty hunting, wars over territory. It's an extremely deep game and one that if you want to get the most out of you will need to pay attention. There is LOTS to learn, you can be EDUCATED in EvE, something very few games offer.

    It's an awesome game. It's just mind-bogglingly difficult to get established (esp in 0 space)

    The best advice I can give you is find some mates who play, and team up with them, or find a corp to join right off the bat. Your corp mates (people are very supportive I found) will give you the oodles of tips and pointers you need to get rolling.

    Despite the difficulty, and the fact that I never did get on a kill-mail in the 3 months I played the game - I had an amazing time playing - blasting through the systems chasing bad guys with a posse is mind bending and exhilarating, especially because of the often harsh consequences that go with dying.

    I intend to give it another crack when the expansion hits.

    Never played Eve and probably never will, but that is one epic trailer :)

    I wish I had more free time. I've played EVE on a trial basis but can't justify putting down money for it when I know I'll get maybe six hours a fortnight for it, tops.

    Too bad you spend more time looking at skill queues and graphs that ships in the game.

    My friends refer to EvE as the most entertaining screen saver ever made.

    They aren't wrong, but it is SO much more.

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