Fable III DLC Travels Under Bowerstone With An Afro

The world of Avalon expands on November 23 with the Understone Quest Pack, adding an entire new town for you to explore, while the Exclusive Hair Pack adds afros, corn rows, asymmetrical bobs and a dog buff.

That's right, for 160 Microsoft points come November 23, you can sport a lovely afro, rock the corn rows, or do whatever it is people do with an asymmetrical bob. The Exclusive Hair Pack adds all of these, along with a little sumpthin'-sumpthin' to grant your dog five stars across all abilities without having to train.

Once you've got your corn rows and your super dog, you can head on down to Understone with the 400 Microsoft point Understone Quest Pack. Built by eccentric inventor Montague Hummes under the streets of Bowerstone, Understone is a full-sized town with plenty of property to purchase, stalls to frequent and strangers to have sex with.

But all is not well in Understone. Otherwise it would be a pretty boring update. There's a voice controlling the people of the town, and it's up to the player to figure out who or what it is, with a mor4al decision to be made that will decide the fate of the underground community.

The pack also transforms Saker's bandit camp into a tourist attraction, complete with shooting gallery mini-game, and opens up Reaver's Wheel of Misfortune to curious or stupid adventurers, with new prizes to be won.

Look for both new packs to hit Xbox Live on November 23. Look for my character to sport corn rows shortly thereafter.


    Avalon? lol i think its Albion isn't it?

      did you realise fable 3 was based around a melbourne airport? duh!

    I'm usually all about the DLC, but does anyone feel like they kept stuff out of the game to keep it as DLC? I mean you can't even get black dye in the game.

      Very likely, I highly suspect that's what Bioware did with ME2.

    whats a mor4al choice?

      It's 'moral' the 4 is a typo.

    Avalon? Seriously?

    I remember John Cleese reminding me when I entered Sanctuary on day of release there was new items in the shop, and I remember seeing one that involved Reavers Wheel of Misfortune which dissapeared not long after.

    This is definately something that's just been held back to sell as DLC. C'mon Lionhead. I thought you guys were better than that. =/

    I'd consider getting the DLC, if I wasn't stuck in the quest "The Game" because of a dumb glitch, thanks Lionhead.

      I agree with aaron.
      Forget DLC if I can't even play the game >.<

      Fix your damn game before working on new content!

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