Faith In Fantasy Fantasy XIV Needs Resurrecting

Players aren't happy with online game Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix, the company behind the title, knows this and wants to make things better. "Currently, the service isn't satisfactory," says Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada. He's right. It isn't.

"We're in the middle of quickly improving it," Wada told a group of investors. "We want to do everything we can to win back players' trust."

The game has been successful with the PC version shipping 630,000 copies worldwide: 190,000 copies in Japan, 210,000 copies in North America and 230,000 copies in Europe. As Yahoo! News points out, the PS3 version is slated for next March.

"The players who left will return if we satisfy them," Wada said about the game's declining user base. This game's bread and butter are player subscriptions. Square Enix must keep players happy in order to... keep players.

In Kotaku's review, editor Michael Fahey noted, "All of the elements are in place, but like the chocobo, Square Enix is still trying to figure out how to make them work. Many players may have the patience to wait and see how things pan out. I do not."

With established massively multiplayer games like World of Warcraft competing for players, it sounds like Square Enix has its work cut out for itself if this game has a prayer of surviving.

<FF14>和田社長が苦戦認める「信頼回復に全力を」 スク・エニ10年9月中間決算 [Yahoo!ニュース]


    Well, it'd be nice if they fixed it - but still, I don't think many people (including myself) would be inclined to pick it up again when, as you say, there are far better MMO's on the market. Just curious, will you guys have another look at the game in a year's time or so to see if the changes have improved the game?

    Wait, weren't we talking about Fantasy Fantasy XIV here? So misleading hehehe.

    In this market, you need your MMO to be done simple. You cannot make it so complex people flounder for the first hour.

    Warcraft doesn't hold your hand, but it has tutorial tips and its pretty straight forward. Something SE just dont get.

    You can't ressurect faith in an MMO that flops near launch, people have tried it and moved on, they won't return.

    Sure it will keep its market of people who loved the last FF online, but it won't be getting anyone else.

    If they were serious about this, they wouldn't have released the game at all. You can't just 'patch' the badness of this game away, it requires a complete strip down and rebuilding. IE:

    COPY WORLD OF WARCRAFT. It's no time for stubborn pride. WoW has a huge head-start and they innovate faster than any other MMO on the market, increasing their lead. If FFXIV wants to succeed, just copy every mechanic that makes WoW so popular and accessible. If you're going to use difficult, not-user friendly UI, you're already limiting yourself to a very niche market.

    I ended up cancelling my subscription. I can't see myself going back. I remember an advertisement that read 'why play online, ffxiv is why' but the opposite was the reality. The tools used to get people talking and playing together are the chat function and the party function but both are terrible in ffxiv. Chat boxes don't appear above the heads of players making crowded rooms a nightmare as the chat box scrolls too fast to follow. Finding a party is a nightmare and npc's that aren't traders have no value except for eye candy. By having a lack of quests we have no real interaction with the npc'c. I could go on for a while so i'll just say too many problems to fix for me.

    I bet those people who complained are merely crafters. Not enough content because you only can craft up to rank 50 equipments? Try go out and kill a rank 40 above monster already...

    What does those crafters want SE to do? "Crafting of the dead"?

    Thank god...

    They can fix it all they want, but I think what they need is a massive fix followed by a massive re-review campaign aimed at websites/magazines. If Kotaku were to come out and say "They fixed it all! It's amazing now!" I bet more than a few people would give it another shot. The near ubiquitous "meh" the game got from critics will be the real keeper away of Non-FFXI fans.

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