Fallout: New Vegas Makes Millions

Bethesda Softworks is calling Fallout: New Vegas' launch a success, with more than five mission copies shipped since the game's release, with retailers calling for more. Now all they have to do is fix it.

After the warm reception Fallout 3 received a few years back, it was a no-brainer that Fallout: New Vegas would sell like crazy, and it has. More than five million units have shipped for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, with a " heavy volume of digital downloads" rounding out what amounts to well in excess of $US300 million in sales.

"We are delighted by the reception Fallout: New Vegas has received from fans around the world," said Vlatko Andonov, president of Bethesda Softworks." Despite the large launch quantities for this title, we have already received substantial reorders from our retail partners, underscoring the tremendous popularity of this highly entertaining game. We believe Fallout: New Vegas will be the "must buy" title for gamers throughout the holiday season."

I don't know. I'm just not feeling it this time around. I've tried playing the game multiple times now, and always wind up quitting after an hour. Maybe I just feel like I've done enough wasteland wandering.

Anyone else in the same boat?


    No. You are alone in your opinion, this is an excellent game that I can play for hours on end.

    Some of my fondest gaming memories come from Fallout 2. Loved that game to death. When Fallout 3 came out and I was stoked.

    I have decided not to get this one because I agree with Mike. I am kinda over the whole Wasteland thing. Mad Max, Borderlands,Fallout 2 etc are all great examples of the theme being done right. But like zombies, I think it is starting to see its shine diminish somewhat.

    This is applicable to me and me alone. I am not saying that this holds true to everyone. Just me. Except the whole Mad Max thing. Those movies are just great, no matter what anyone thinks :D

      Thats a pity mate. This is the closest thing to Fallout 2 I've played since I played FO2 for the first time.

      It feels the natural extension to that game, really made me see why I fell in love with the Fallout Franchise.

      It makes Fallout 3 feel shallow and pedestrian in comparison, but thats just my opinion.

    "with more than five mission copies" typo?

    I personally think it's a great improvement upon fallout 3. There are a lot more side quests and I find them to be generally more interesting, the faction system back from earlier games makes the game much more unique and gives greater replay value. First playthrough I'm with the NCR, next I might try Legionaires, after that I might try wiping them both out.

    There are plenty of new guns which is good to see as I found the first game a little lacking in an array of rifles or pistols. The new crafting system is a little clunky and the different ammo types can be difficult to use but they are still intersting additions.

    Maybe if you played Fallout 3 until you were utterly sick of it you wouldn't want to play this game. After all it does feel similar and does unfortunately look rather similar, however if you still love Fallout 3 I would definitely suggest getting this. I personally have only encountered a couple of graphics bugs (enemies stuck in walls) in my 25 hours of play.

    Game is great, sunk a about 25 hours into it so far. But I think the atmosphere and drive to explore the Mojave just isn't as strong as what it was roaming The Capital Wasteland. The environment just felt a little bit more envolved and interesting. Also the game area feels a lot smaller.

    Main story is considerably more interesting though.

    I love the game, I've played around 32 hours so far. If I didn't have exams all this week I'm sure I'd be at the 100 hour+ mark. I liked Fallout 3, I love Fallout: New Vegas.

      You can never judge the quality of a game when exams are on. I've thought some flash games were the best game ever during exams.

      I've got it, but just waiting for my new graphics card and monitor to appreciate it in all its glory.

    Loved Fallout 3, I think that New Vegas is as good, if not better. I can see myself playing this game for months. I've played about half way through the main story line, and am already planning a completely different character for my next playthrough. There is just so much to do, at times the sheer number of quests and side quests is almost overwhelming.. some of them are dumb, but you get that. It does take a little while to get going, but well worth persisting with.

    Love the game, between a mate and i we have sunk 70+ hours into it.

    As for the bugs hmmm, it wouldnt be a Fallout game without the occasional crash.

    Was sinking so many hours into the game but the game literally bugged out on me. Companions glitched and wouldn't move, then suddenly had no access to the strip etc Strip was still favoured status).

    Will wait for patches and probably christmas before I return to this.

    I have never played earlier versions of fallout as i just started with fallout 3. As i understand it there are a number of things that have been added that were previously in fallout 2. That being said, I would have loved fallout because this NV is awesome. Massive story, complex relationships, playing hardcore so have to worry about water and sleep... just good fun!

    Bethesda has their normal Price Hike for AUS so its a no for me again... Untill it is = US and AU stores im not buying...

    I cracked every last achievement in 3 and the thought of plugging another hundred odd hours into a superficially near identical game makes me want to smash my face into the nearest brick wall. I'm sure it's fantastic, but I'm going to give it a year or two so I can actually appreciate that fact. And buy it cheap.

    Double win.

      Plus, it'll be a lot more patched for you so 99% of bugs 'should' (ha!) be ironed out. So you win *3 good sir.

      As for me, I bought it through steam and downloaded it. Played it for 30 mins and sadly realized 'i finally need to upgrade' and with all my willpower i am avoiding letting myself play it until new parts arrive.

      But then, oh, it will be glorious.

    Despite how overrated this game is (i.e. basically a standalone expansion pack for Fallout 3 with minor tweaks like ironsights, companion wheel etc) I am still gonna get it. I logged 140 hours into Fallout 3 (PC) and got all the DLC's + dozens of quality mods, and I cant wait to log a further 100+hours into New Vegas. Although I prefer Elder Scrolls V or Fallout 4 over this :( Oh wellz, after exams, I am running down to Dick Smith's/Big W/Kmart/EB to get myself copy, wherever the cheapest and start to waste my uni break on this goodness! xD

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