Fallout: New Vegas 'Mininuke Minigun' Mod Defines Overkill

What's better than a gun that launches wee nuclear bombs? How about one that fires a few thousand per minute? One enterprising Fallout: New Vegas modder created the Mininuke Minigun to see just how fast a nuclear holocaust can happen.

As you can see in the above video, via Reddit, firing a few hundred rounds of nuclear explosive ammo is not the safest of weapons. But the architecture of New Vegas really holds up against a streaming series of mini mushroom clouds. We can't recommend as a good tool for performing rocket jumps though.


    Yeah cool dont bother shooting them over a large area making lots of cool explosions, no just fire in one goddam place to make an explosion borderline identical to 1 mini nuke only with the screen going totally white for 10 seconds.

      Exactly what I was thinking.
      The real use for this is to spray from one side of the screen to the other, effectively destoying everything in a line/circle and is what I expected to see.

        I like to think they tried that, but their compute crashed from the SHEER AWESOME of being surrounded by mini-nuke explosions, so it couldn't be captured on video.

          I like that explanation and (until I hear otherwise) will use it to stifle my disappointment.


      Heres a better video from Fallout 3 showing a WIDE spray of the Mininuke Minugun.

      Plus a Mininuke AK47 for laughs.

    good job, show a crap mod that requires little effort to make that was in fallout 3. Don't show some of the original idea mods and things that take actual effort

      In that vein, any chance of kotaku doing a post about some of the top Fallout New Vegas mods? I'm not sure if you guys did it for Fallout 3, though I did see one for Starcraft 2.

      Of course SC2 has an extremely complex editor where you can create just about anything, but I think it would still be useful for gamers if when a game that has a lot of mods comes out if Kotaku put up a top mod list, just to let people know about them

        Kotaku seems more interested in whinging about 'all the bugs' rather than actually playing it.

    if hes trying to impress someone than i say he makes a sniper rifle thats bullets explode with the force of 100 mini nukes upon impact. Talk about fireworks.

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