Fans Add New Content To LEGO Universe

Starbase 3001 is open for business in the LEGO Universe, giving players access to three new mini-worlds created by some of the most talented LEGO fans in the world.

It's not exactly a large chunk of new content, but it's a start. Starbase 3001, located conveniently off of Nimbus Station in LEGO Universe, gives players access to DeepFreeze, MoonBase and Portabello, each created by members of the elite World Builder League, formerly known as LEGO Universe Partners.

The three new zones act as sort of a bridge between player properties and official adventure zones. Small and self-contained, each has a small number of quests and unique rewards for the curious player. You can battle alien crabs in the altered gravity of MoonBase, skate across ice and fight beavers in DeepFreeze, or perform tasks for the three dragons in the fantasy world of Portabello.

I played through each over the weekend, and they are... cute. Not the massive chunks of new content I am craving, but certainly good for an afternoon's diversion.


    Now, you know what'd be great? If we could actually get the game here Down Under.

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