Fight Night Champion Goes Mano A Mano With Baseball?

The debut trailer for Fight Night Champion, published an hour ago on IGN, lists March 1 as the game's release date. If that's the case, it will take on MLB 2K11 and MLB The Show 11.

The first Tuesday in March typically belongs to the baseball simulations - if not then, then the second. (Release dates for neither have been formally announced.) Even if only seven days separate them, that's three huge sports releases crowding the beginning of the month.

Fight Night Champion doesn't concern a team sport with a fixed opening day, however, and as this trailer indicates, we may be seeing a lot more role-playing elements in the venerable EA Sports franchise. But parking it on March 1 makes it EA Sports' second bold call for this game in as many hours.


    I am so freaking gonna get this since I liked Fight Night Round 4

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