Final Fantasy Artist Has Fancy Art Show

While studying art history in university, I often wondered if professional artists really wear scarves in galleries. If they are Yoshitaka Amano, they do!

The artist is showing his fine work at Shibuya gallery Art Statements Tokyo until next January. This is the first time these pieces are being shown at an exhibition in Japan. Amano worked as the lead character and graphic art designer for the Final Fantasy series until Final Fantasy VI. Since then he has stayed busy with various projects, game-related and not.

Amano is also currently beginning work on a 3D anime called Zan, his first feature film.

"ART STATEMENTS"東京ギャラリーに天野喜孝氏の日本初公開作品が展示 [ファミ通]


    I'm going to jump on a plane right now!

    I thought he always did artshows. Wasn't this one of the reasons he didn't do so much work on FF7?

    I prefer to think of him as the Hunter D artist.

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