Final Fantasy Creator's LEGO Creations

When not working on video games or grooming his mustache, Hironobu Sakaguchi enjoys playing with LEGO.

Sakaguchi's creations range from Wii Remotes to LEGO fighters to robots.

The Hawaii-based game designer often puts LEGO together while waiting for "slow" Hawaiian internet to download game builds.

Did we say there were only four reasons why Sakaguchi is cool? Make that five.

Sakaguchi, who also created Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, is currently working on upcoming Wii role-playing game The Last Story.

Sakaguchi's Column [Mistwalker][Another Robot Pic]


    If Sakaguchi thinks internet access in slow in Hawaii he obviously hasn't spent much time here. We've got all the major carriers like Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint as well as trans-Pacific fiber from Southern Cross coming from Australia and New Zealand. I'd say we are in the same boat as you guys.

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