Final Fantasy XIV's Skips Another Subscription Period

Expecting extensive game-fixing changes in the months to come, Square Enix steps up to the plate once again, offering Final Fantasy XIV players another free 30 days of game time while renovations are underway.

Square Enix has big plans for troubled MMO Final Fantasy XIV, but those changes will amount to nothing if the player base dwindles to nothing while waiting for the fixes.

Last month the company extended the free trial period between purchase of the game and the beginning of monthly subscription charges by 30 days as a gesture of goodwill and a promise that changes were on the way. It turns out that one month wasn't enough.

Final Fantasy accounts with character slots purchased no later than November 19 are now eligible for a another 30-day extension, as long as they haven't been banned for user agreement infractions.

The additional month will give Square enix time to implement sweeping changes in November and December, with a major patch in 2011 further refining the Final Fantasy XIV experience.

I just worry that it might be too late. Faith in the developer is tantamount to the success of a subscription-based MMO, and Square enix hasn't done much yet to endear themselves to players. The major changes coming are a good sign, but also serve as an indicator that players weren't listened to during the game's beta testing period, when many of the issues at hand arose.

Is this a free trial extension, or a stay of execution?

FINAL FANTASY XIV Free Trial Period [Official Website - Thanks Yoni!]


    Its just a pity that this is the first "terrible" main number FF in the series.

      13 is one number before it and that was bad as well.

      I think the damage has been done. I just can't believe they released it in the shape it's in :/ Might give it a go before the free subscription runs out but I can't imagine me renewing it.

    They're trying to attract people to their piss-smelling lemonade by giving it out in larger glasses. Not a good idea.

      The success of an MMO is largely dependant on how many players you can keep. The biggest influx of players for an MMO is at the launch of the MMO. If they want the game to succeed they need to keep these people because they are not going to be replaced later on. Offering free subscription extensions for as long as they need to is the smartest thing they could do.

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