Find 167 Classic Games In This Pic

We may be a little late on this one, but it's worth posting anyway. As part of a viral campaign for Tron Legacy this pic has been released and references 167 classic games.

Say bye-bye to your afternoon and see if you can spot them all!

Arcade Aid


    -looks at it for two seconds- I give up, I suck at things like this.

    umm i'm pretty sure this actually has already been on kotaku... months ago...

    But thats ok, not your bad :P lol

      I did a search and everything! Ah well. Nah, it's my bad.

        Nah, i might have seen it in one of our talk amongst yourselves thingies - i definitely saw it through here.. but you're right, i can't find it in a regular post either lol

          It was in a Talk Amongst Yourselves... I posted it.

    Just when I thought I was nerdy... I look at this and feel dumb for not being able to count any...

    (still a nerd tho ;) )


      Only now do I discover that the link has a decent sized picture, rather than that thumbnail in the main Kotaku article... hehe whoops :P

    40/167 so far - this is dangerously addictive.

    got 53 down! This was fun

    I can find some but it doesn't register my answers.

      I noticed one of them was using the American name of the game so try that.

      It also doesn't work in firefox... at all :(

      I specifically had to switch to IE to get it working...

        Works fine in Firefox for me, even with NoScript blocking some fo the things on the page.

    I got 37 on my own, then gave up when I couldn't get any more. eheheh. I see some popular titles like Call of Duty, but I can't find Zelda, Mario or Final Fantasy anywhere =(

      That's because Zelda, Mario and Final Fantasy aren't actually in the picture, unless they're three of the 19 games I haven't gotten yet. (I doubt it)

    Wish it were slightly more forgiving with slight mistakes like having an "s" at the end of something when there isn't supposed to be one. Fun though.

    I didn't like it. I would have preferred more clues about the games themselves, not just visual wordplay.

    Got 58 and I swear that one at the top is pocket monsters / pokemon! what else could it be!?

      monsters in my pocket

    i got 75 on my own then good game came on so i gave up

    Got 67, then I realised I had a life to live.

      Lies, don't listen to their lies.

      Only another 100 to go


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