For A Moment, You Will Believe Samus Is Real

Swedish student Jenni Källberg - otherwise known as the world's greatest Metroid cosplayer - is back, taking imitation of Nintendo's sci-fi starlet to a whole new level.

Over the past two months, Källberg has hit the streets for two shoots, one showing off Samus' Gravity Suit in a winter wonderland, the other a vastly-improved Varia Suit.

There's a selection of her new shots below, but to see them all - and check out some of her other work - hit the link below.

Cosplay [Pixelninja, via GameFrosting]


    The Girl Was Persuasive
    The Girl I Could Not Trust
    The Girl Was Bad
    The Girl Was Dangerous

    If only all cosplayers put this much effort into their trade...

    It helps that she is 100% babe.

    Have to love a girl in power armour...

    The helmet lights up... the gun lights up... the chest piece lights up... so so good :O

    if only she could roll into a ball...

    I just had to post this :P

    good effort, but she too..... stumpy

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