Forbes Lists Gabe Newell As A Name You Should Know

Being video gamers, you likely are familiar with the Valve co-founder and president. But Forbes, business list-maker extraordinaire, has taken notice and looks to feature Gabe Newell in a December magazine roundup of influential people and concepts.

Forbes isn't doing this because it expects Episode 3 sometime next year. The numbers it likes are 70 percent - one industry's estimate for how much market share Steam controls; 200 percent, the sales growth it's seen over the past 12 months, and ??? million - a revenue figure that must be in the hundreds, Forbes speculates, as a 2005 profile of the private, tight-lipped company had its revenue figure at $US70 million.

It's not richest nor most powerful person in the world, nor top 10 of either, but Gabe isn't doing too bad.

Names You Need to Know in 2011: Gabe Newell [Forbes]



    I thought we needed to know it in case we get asked: "Who ate all the pies"?

      If I worked at Forbes the caption for the article would be;

      Gabe Newell, the man you know for NOT HAVING MADE HALF LIFE 3 YET!

      bitter, yes.

    I would rather see Half-Life 3 then Halfe-Life 2 Episode 3.

    I dont care for half life but I want it to come out soon so we can see a new Counter Strike

      Your comment saddens me.

        The whole untied up end of the half life universe saddens me.
        Not like it's there flagship franchise.

    I think the best thing about Gabe is: He's as rich as he is (or must be) and as successful as he is, yet he is still so down to earth. He doesn't mind rubbing shoulders with the standard gamers - answering their emails, going to their events (and meeting with them for their petty boybotts etc), and the dude still wears a polo shirt... what a champ!

    The thing I like about Gabe is the way that he makes games.
    Also - I'd prefer the continued support for games they've released to a new game, such as Half Life 2 Ep 3 or Half Life 3. I respect and admire Valve for their constant support for their older titles.

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