Free BBC America Shows Hit PlayStation Network

Episodes of Doctor Who are coming to the PlayStation Network Store; episodes of Top Gear already are there, and two are free. The freebie vids kickoff an arrangement bringing BBC America programming to PSN's video service.

Right now, Top Gear's Season 1, Episode 1, and Episode 101 (the show's American debut), are both free in high definition. Videos are typically $US1.99 for standard definition, $US2.99 for high def. Sony says more BBC shows are on the way, including Doctor Who and Being Human. PSN promises new additions from BBC America's programming library every week.

Popular Shows from BBC America To Debut Today! [PlayStation Blog]


    I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark here and assume that Australia will miss out on this service :(

      If it's free, then you can just sign in with a US account.

        While you can login to the US store and get games fairly easily, videos don't always work under the same rules. I think there's some IP address magic going on in the background, checking where you're from.

        Good ol' international licensing restrictions!

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