Free Nuclear Annihilation Coming To R.U.S.E.

It's no trick; Ubisoft is delivering three new maps and two new game types to its deceptive strategy game R.U.S.E. next month as part of the free Manhattan Project Pack.

The Manhattan Project was of course the name given the secret program that led to the creation of the first atomic bombs duiring World War II, so I'd say the war in R.U.S.E. is escalating at a rapid rate next month. The Manhattan Project pack bring three new multiplayer maps into the mix: Twilight of the Gods and Vesuvio are two-on-two maps, and Guns and Tulips is three-on-three.

The three new maps should serve as an excellent backdrop to the two new game types. Nuclear War starts both sides out with all prototype factories and upgrades unlocked. The second game type, Total War, starts the opponents in 1939, unlocking 1942 and 1945 units as the game progresses.

I don't see many people playing R.U.S.E. these days, but I'm sure those I don't see will appreciate the fresh content - or will they?


    I hope so
    I wanted this when it came out but PS3 was broken
    Got new PS3 last week & Move and bought this at weekend for $55

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