Free Starcraft II Weekend At

Hey guys, we just received an email informing us that the chaps over at are inviting players to indulge in a "Free-play Weekend" starting November 19. Head over here for more details on how to get involved.

We’re happy to announce an upcoming free-play weekend for the Southeast Asian edition of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. The free-play weekend kicks off at 00:00 on November 19 (GMT +8) and ends at 23:59 on November 21. We wanted to give the community this opportunity to invite their friends to try out StarCraft II's award-winning single-player and multiplayer gameplay over free of charge.

New players who would like to participate can create accounts at and activate StarCraft II on their accounts. Players with existing accounts which do not have StarCraft II are also welcome to participate. Note that an internet connection is required to play.

The free-play weekend also marks the availability of the prepaid game-time card options for players in Hong Kong/Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. These game-time cards come in 3-day, 7-day, and 30-day increments and offer players flexible payment options to suit their preferences. For more information, please check the Alternative Pricing Press Release.

We hope you and your friends will join us for all the fun on November 19!

Thanks to Johnny Shu for the tip!


    THAT IS SO AWESOME... what i'd be saying if i had a computer that could run the gun or the patience for the download. lol

    Still, for everyone else this is pretty damn cool. Good on them for letting people try before they buy.

      same here!

    Timecards, wtf? Like... renting the game?

      to make the game cheaper in those locations, they basically cut the multiplayer and said to them if you wanna play, you prepay time, as an option

      If you bought an aussie copy (or pretty much anywhere other than a poor country) you'd get the MP in the game price, for as much time as you want

    Ahhahah. Yeah. It's like a 3 GB + patch file size for... a weekend's worth of free gaming? Not even worth the time.

      If you know anyone with the installation DVD, you can ask them to borrow it. That will work too; I just read a mod on the site telling someone they could do that.

    haha i can see how this would work.

    growing up in south east asia, i never saw an original game ever. you should see my ps2 games collection; easily over 400 games. at 2 australian dollars a pop, the collection does get quite sizeable.

    I'm willing to bet most of them have got the sc2 game already from some dodgy guy with a foldable picnic mat on a square, so blizzard is definitely taking the right steps!

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