From Russia With Love, Five Minutes Of Dragon Age II Gameplay

Igromir 2010, which attentive readers know is the Eastern Europe equivalent of E3, is taking place this week, and from there comes this video of a Dragon Age II floor demonstration. Discuss!


    Oh wow... The fighting is so fast paced - completely different to DAO, or at least how I played it. I only noticed one pause during that whole fight sequence. Despite heavily customised tactics I still found myself pausing and directing my teammates every 10 seconds at least...

    I am exited.

    I agree, the fighting is definitely much faster paced than DA:O. If anything it reminds me of an older Bioware game, Jade Empire, that had real-time RPG combat with minimum pausing for orders. I think it's probably a good thing, as long as we don't get a completely stripped back system.

    On another note, the graphics look awesome.

    Vid looks promosing although I hope they give reasons why you would want an archer on your party, rather then just mages for range attackers, and perhaps even the option to use a single blade instead of shield or dual.

    Player in that video makes magic look boring. Autoattack and kite , is that the only option he had ?

    Looks lame as hell. Why do the Good RPG's have to be ruined with a set character and console friendliness

    ME2 meets DA is all that looks like

      Looks like a console-style button masher. Too arcadey, I want the RPG style of the first one.

        Same, I am much less interested in the game now. I want dragon age, not mass effect in a fantasy setting. Oh well, The Witcher 2 is high enough on my list to not give a shit.

        I thought it was going "Classic" on PC and "arcade" on consoles...

    Well I know not to buy it now, Save my money for something better.

    I hope theres a option to slow things down. Sometimes I don't have the required brain-power to keep up.

    Loved VATS in Fallout 3.Also loved that I could still FPShoot when I wanted.

    Options are good!

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