Future Kinect Games Need More Than Your Body

Microsoft's Kinect slogan is "You are the controller". One day, that could change to, "You'll need the controller, too." Besides game-pad-free gaming, Microsoft is also working on ways to combine the controller with Kinect.

Alex Kipman, who spearheaded Microsoft's Kinect, tells website GamesIndustry that the company will of course continue to make controller-only games and Kinect-only games.

"What we haven't really talked about, but exist, are hybrid games," says Kipman. By this, he means games that use both the controller and Kinect to "make those experiences more immersive, more fun and more emotionally connected."

Head tracking seems like a logical inclusion for hybrid gaming. What else could be in store? Holding a controller and kicking with one's feet?

Kipman: Hybrid control games on the way to Xbox 360 | News [GamesIndustry][Pic]


    Isn't this what Peter Molyneux wanted for Fable 3? Microsoft told him to shove it because the whole point of Kinect is to not have a controller.

    Personally I believe it NEEDS a controller. The technology is so limited in what it can provide gameplay-wise. Granted, I certainly wouldn't want to be using a standard controller, they should be putting R&D in to either gloves or a remote-like controller.

      No need for R&D - they already have a one-handed controller... why not use the Big Button controllers that came out a while back?
      They have ABXY inputs and a D-Pad already...

    Ok, both Sony and MS jumped on the motion controlled bandwagon, but this just shows what a cop-out their marketing of Kinect is...

    “What we haven’t really talked about, but exist, are hybrid games,”

    Really? why wouldn't you though? Ohhhh, you want to distinguish yourself from what Sony have done with the Move?

    Sony has regular games, regular+Move games and Move only games... the same thing MS will be doing in about 3-6mths time.

    I can't believe they are going to spend $500 Million in marketing the slogan, "You Are The Controller", when the bulk of the games that will come out after launch will generally be hybrid games.

    I'd like to see Kinect incorporated with Rock Band so the avatars do what you are doing- that'd be neat.

      That would be cool!

    I always thought MS said they would do both so Kinect would add to the experience of traditional games.

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