Gamers At The Supreme Court, Arguing For Video Games

In the battle between people who want to criminalise the sale of violent games to kids and the video game industry, the video game industry's fans made a video.

This video was shot by the ECA, a gamers' advocacy group, at the Supreme Court on November 2. On that day, the Court heard arguments from the State of California and the gaming industry about whether violent games should be treated, in terms of free speech, like pornography.

The people in this video argue for the gaming side. The strongest case here may be made by Daniel Greenberg, the developer of Vampire: The Masquerade. He worries that, should the court side with California, his video game could potentially be given lesser speech protection than the book-based game he made involving the same content.

The Court isn't expected to announce a ruling for this case until as late as June 2011.

Expert squinters will be able to spot me in this video, as I shoot this other video.

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Video of ECA SCOTUS Rally [Gamepolitics]


    I rather liked the points the two young boys were giving, shows that some kids aren't as influenced by violent games as some people would like to think.

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