Games That Never Existed But Should Have: Falling Down

Practically any movie released during the SNES' lifespan was licensed into a video game - except the 1993 angry-man cult hit "Falling Down." But Pete Curran of Firefly Productions has, uh, gameplay video from a, uh, review copy. No, really.

As if that wasn't enough for you, hang on to the end, where you can see an excerpt of The Wire (specifically, the "fuckfuckfuck" scene) imagined as a Tim Schafer graphical adventure.

With this and Super There Will Be Blood, we're one step closer to Lego No Country For Old Men. I can feel it.


    "I don't want lunch. I want breakfast!"

    Don't know why they didn't go for the "Chicken MgNugget" scene from The Wire.

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